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Turn Your Desk's Aesthetics Into A Calssy Masterpiece Just By Using A Headphone Stand

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Just like you do not park Lamborghini in your garden and would never like to keep Louis Vuitton clothing in your office bag, you should not leave your headphones unattended on your desk like a half-eaten burger.

Headphone stands can be compact enough to be included in consolidated spaces, and you can also have an option for a USB port and audio jack-enclosed headphone stands. It is a good idea to opt for headphone stands for that extra space needed to organize better your home, office, bedroom, or studio or for positioning them right next to your television.

Additionally, using a headphone stand, you can easily show off your quality headphones on your desk and make your desk aesthetically pleasing.

However, various headphone stand options with various styles and shapes can leave you clueless. To help you with this, I have made this exclusive buying guide and discussed various factors you should consider to make an informed investment.

The 10 Best Headphone Stand

Product Dimensions: 5.12 x 5.12 x 11.02 inches.
Positive: Durable Construction, Easy To Assemble, Space Saver.
Negative: Not Stable.

Yamazaki Desk Headphone StandThe Yamazaki Desk Headphone Stand is the perfect addition to any workspace. Ideal for gamers and audiophiles alike, its durable metal construction ensures your headset will remain in place with confidence.

The lightweight design makes this stand a breeze to move between workspaces, while rubber bumpers on the bottom ensure you don’t leave any scratches or dings behind. Whether it’s gaming headphones or designer earbuds, they stay conveniently accessible while giving you back valuable work surface space.


Customer Review For Yamazaki Desk Headphone Stand

Yamazaki Desk Headphone Stand Customer Review

Product Dimensions: 4.73 x 4.73 x 11.03 inches.
Positive: Aluminum Construction, Provide Anti-slip Base, Features RGB Lighting.
Negative: Wire Quality Is Poor.

Razer Base Station V2 ChromaThe Razer Base Station V2 Chroma is a revolutionary new way to store and transport valuable audio equipment. The base securely stores your headphones on a stable platform with a high-friction rubber bottom and a low center of gravity.

In addition, it has been crafted with all-new aluminum construction for enhanced durability, and its RGB lighting adds an extra style element. It’s also convenient to take your headset on the go thanks to its detachable base from the stand.


Customer Review For Razer Base Station V2 Chroma

Razer Base Station V2 Chroma Customer Review

Product Dimensions: 5.35 x 1.81 x 0.63 inches.
Positive: Universal Compatible, Includes USB-A Data Transfer Port, Backside Hook Available.
Negative: USB Port Issues.

Satechi Aluminum USB Headphone StandThe Satechi Aluminum USB Headphone Stand is the perfect way to keep your desk organized without sacrificing its other benefits. It keeps headphones secure with its rubberized grip and helps you de-clutter the space by taking up a surprisingly small footprint.

You won’t have to worry about losing precious data since it equips three USB 3.0 ports that can transfer files or back-up data at speeds of up to 5 Gbps. Its style and function make this stand universally compatible and convenient thanks to its backside hook, which wraps and stores cables when they are not in use.


Customer Review For Satechi Aluminum USB Headphone Stand

Product Dimensions: 4.13 x 1.38 x 2.17 inches.
Positive: Strong Frame, Easy To Mount, Holds 2 Sets Of Headphones.
Negative: Doesn’t Stick Well.

Elevation Lab The Anchor Headphone StandThe Anchor Headphone Stand from Elevation Lab is an excellent solution for those struggling to find space to store headphones. As it mounts quickly and securely with a 3m adhesive, you don’t have to worry about hanging your headphones up or letting them dangle down.

This headphone stand also offers thick premium silicone construction with steel inner reinforcement, shielding them from any scrapes or scratches that could damage lighter materials. And don’t worry if you have two pairs of headphones — this stand can easily handle both!


Customer Review For Elevation Lab The Anchor Headphone Stand

Product Dimensions: 6.69 x 4.33 x 10.63 inches.
Positive: Easy To Install, Provide a Reliable Base, Offers Spacious Storage.
Negative: Poor Construction.

Avantree Neetto Dual Headphones StandThe Avantree Neetto, Dual Headphones Stand, is the perfect stand to store your headphones while keeping your desk clutter-free! It features a solid metal base and a unique contoured hanger design that provides stability and adequate storage room for two or more of your favorite headphones. No need to assemble it with any screws or tools; pop it in, and you’re ready to go!

And because of its universal compatibility, virtually any type of headphone is used with it. The spacious tray at the top of the stand gives you plenty of room to stash away all your cables, pens, notes, and even a cell phone. With this sturdy stand, you can always rest assured knowing your headphones are kept safe and organized wherever you go!


Customer Review For Avantree Neetto Dual Headphones Stand

Product Dimensions: 5.1 x 5.1 x 12.48 inches.
Positive: Stylish Design, Provides Multi-purpose Use, Wide Compatible.
Negative: Very Flimsy.

Lamicall Headphone StandThe Lamicall Headphone Stand is an incredibly convenient and reliable way to store your headphones. It is made of aluminum and premium quality ABS plastic; it provides a low center of gravity design that ensures your headphones are safe and secure. The hook is also made with premium ABS plastic.

It has a curved surface design that protects your headset from any potential scratching. It provides an amazingly stable base for your headphones. Still, it also features a lightweight design. Plus, its broad compatibility ensures that it will fit perfectly no matter what headset you have!


Customer Review For Lamicall Headphone Stand

Lamicall Headphone Stand Customer Review

Product Dimensions: 5.4 x 4.7 x 7.4 inches.
Positive: Features Wireless Qi Charging, Includes Led Charging-status Indicator, Attractive Design.
Negative: Expensive Than Others.

ASUS ROG Throne Qi Gaming Headset StandThe ASUS ROG Throne, Qi Gaming Headset Stand, is a fantastic gadget perfect for gamers who want the most out of their gaming experience. It features powerful wireless Qi charging, delivering up to 10W of fast charging power for your phone or other compatible devices. It has an LED charging status indicator and a two-port USB 3.1 hub for maximum connectivity and cable-based charging.

It’s also built with an ESS 9118 DAC & amplifier and Armoury II software to ensure detailed, dynamic audio from your favorite games and music, all at optimum quality. The optimized arc design ensures a stable platform for the headset. It has customizable 18-zone RGB lighting options from an endless color spectrum and six preset lighting effects.


Customer Review For ASUS ROG Throne Qi Gaming Headset Stand

ASUS ROG Throne Qi Gaming Headset Stand Customer Review

Product Dimensions: 10.24 x 2.13 x 5.51 inches.
Positive: Modular Design, Easy To Operate, Offers Detachable Wireless Charging Station.
Negative: Not Long-lasting.

Suguder Headphone StandThe Suguder Headphone Stand is an all-in-one space-saving charging station for everyday needs. Its efficient three chips let you wirelessly charge your iPhone, Qi-enabled phones, AirPods Max and iWatch simultaneously. It also comes with a 25cm type c to lighting cable for charging the AirPods.

It has heat-dissipation holes on the bottom to keep your device safe. It utilizes over-charging protection and foreign object detection functions during charging. It comes with 24 month warranty on all parts for added peace of mind and is recognized for its broad compatibility.


Customer Review For Suguder Headphone Stand

Suguder Headphone Stand Customer Review

Product Dimensions: 11.34 x 5.28 x 5.24 inches.
Positive: Includes 3.0 Port, Drag-free Mouse Bungee, and RGB Lighting.
Negative: Some Working Issues.

Tilted Nation RGB Headset StandFor gamers, the Tilted Nation RGB Headset Stand is a must-have. Easily assembled with just plug and play, this gaming headset stand provides stability with its durable base and non-slip grips. It has built-in mouse bungee and a 2-port USB 3.0 hub featured in the stand, making it easier to connect the mouse and keyboard.

Those USB 3.0 ports support up to 5 GB data transfer speeds for another gaming efficiency. Those passionate about gaming can customize their setup with the provided RGB lighting feature from this versatile yet incredibly stable headset stand.


Customer Review For Tilted Nation RGB Headset Stand

Tilted Nation RGB Headset Stand Customer Review

Product Dimensions: 8.66 x 5.43 x 2.48 inches.
Positive: 2 Power Sockets Available, Fire-resistant Outer, Features 3-Port USB Charger.
Negative: Not Very Sturdy.

KAFRI RGB Dual Headphone StandThe KAFRI RGB Dual headphone stand allows users to create a dazzling and powerful display of up to 16.8 million colors with its nine lighting effects modes. It is also designed to hold two headphones simultaneously and provides three-port intelligent USB charging.

These facilities include two safe outlet power sockets and a fire-resistant, hardened plastic outer shell that offers enhanced durability. Additionally, the unit detects your device automatically so it can provide its fastest possible charge speed, up to 2.4 amps per port or four amps overall.


Customer Review For KAFRI RGB Dual Headphone Stand

KAFRI RGB Dual Headphone Stand Customer Review

Why Should You Get A Headphone Stand?

Headphone stands can protect your expensive cans from falling on the floor and can display and store audiophile-worthy headphones. These components reduce excessive clutter while also keeping these devices free from facing any mess.

You should get a headphone stand to manage your headphones and to eliminate extra clutter you should choose a stand with an additional USB charger so that you do not have to use a separate charger for your headphones if they require charging, making a more organized desktop layout. These units add more life to your headphones and save you from the worry of unnecessary tangling that ruins their quality. In addition, these components provide safer storage for your headphones.

Several options offered by headphone stands, like USB ports and wireless charging features, can add to your convenience, letting you connect your smartwatches, tablet, PCs, and other gadgets. Thus, there is a win-win situation for you, safeguard your headphone and charge or manage various devices on these exclusive units.

What Are The Types Of Headphone Stands?

The design of headphone stands is such that it resembles the shape of a banana hanger. However, with time advancements, various styles with added protection for your headphones are available for you to choose from. The aesthetics and functionalities can be available in the following types of headphones-

They do not need to be installed on your desks and can be fitted anywhere on a flat surface. Their design is sturdy, so you place headphones without worrying about damaging their headbands.

Their head-like design can display a premium quality pair of headphones. They have a wooden construction to add an extra lavish touch to them. However, despite their creative design can overstretch the headband with time which additionally affects the strong clamping force. This force keeps your headphones in place and safe from falling off the headphone stand. Arch stands can protect your large earpad headphones, but as these headphones have earpads bigger than the stands’ edges, they can suffer some bending with time.

This category of headphone stand lets your pair of headphones sit smoothly without any earpad compressing while the earcups are placed flat on the stand’s surface. In addition, it has a space-saving design setup that can help preserve your headphones’ quality.

This headphone stand design can improve your workspace availability by clamps, adhesives, or screws to attach the hanger under or over the counter/work desk. However, to avoid inconvenience, watch out for their weight-bearing capacity headphones.

What To Look For In A Headphone Stand?

Headphone stands can improve the overall look of your room and can be considered a wonderful addition. Their design holds prime importance, and if a modular and hi-tech design is your thing, look no further than the Suguder Headphone Stand. This detachable headphone stand has a headphone holder and a wireless charger, so you never miss out on the battery levels. It is among the best headphone stands designed for IOS devices. You can easily place your Apple Watch, AirPods, iPhone, etc., on these 4-1 free-standing headphone stands.

Other headphones with a maximum width of about 70mm can also be well adapted to them. What’s more interesting about it is its extra output port and charging cable. All Qi-Enabled Devices can be charged on this 15 W fast wireless charging stand. Another thing I liked about its design is the heat dissipation hole at the bottom to solve the overheating problem.

You should look for a headphone stand that will not eat up too much of your space while providing enough room efficiency and comfort. For two sets of headphones requiring charging, a headphone stand with several ports for charging can be a good option for you, like the KAFRI RGB Dual Headphone Stand with a 3-port USB charger. Stands with LED lights display your gamer and streamer instincts with electric flair. Thus, its Touch Switch lets you control nine lighting effects modes that show off around 16.8 million colors to get you in that perfect gaming mode.

The USB port seamlessly charges your iPhone, while the other two ports are available for additional charging for your iPad or any other gadget. In addition, the AC outlet power strip capacity of about 1250w makes it compatible with Bluetooth speakers, Xbox 360 One, PS4, PS VR, and various other electronic devices.

Headstand durability is one of the key aspects determining its functional life without excessive maintenance or repair when used for an extended period. To increase durability, Yamazaki Desk Headphone Stand has a solid metal construction that ensures a strong hold and balance with enhanced sturdiness. Their steel hanger is well-balanced and protects your headphones pieces from falling, while protective pieces cover the surface damage.

However, if stability is your concern, the Tilted Nation RGB Headset Stand can be a good option to look for. At 1.23 pounds, this RGB gaming headphone stand has a durable base with added weight and non-slip grips that ensure maximum stability during serious gaming sessions and protect your headsets at all costs.

Made with impact-resistant ABS and PC plastic construction backed up by a metal base can be a perfect addition to your gaming setup. Gift it to your gamer’s best friend, and he will live in its awe forever. Additional features include a built-in mouse bungee that can help hold your mouse in position and keep it tangle-free.

It has a removable mouse cable holder so you can easily decide when you can wish to use your wired mouse. Moreover, with 2 USB 3.0 ports, you can charge your devices with up to 5GB data transfer speed, which is ideal for gaming accessories, flash drives, external hard drives, etc.

Thus, headstand durability protects your headphones and keeps them safer for a long time. It can be used for years. Metal headphone stands like the Yamazaki Desk Headphone Stand can be tough enough to tackle drops and knocks and are corrosion-resistant to last for years.

Your gaming setup or workspace theme decides what style aesthetics you will consider matching to the surrounding, so you don’t create a blunder and land up buying a completely off-themed headphone stand.

For example, for a gaming setup, a more lively and colorful aesthetic like the Razer Base Station V2 Chroma will be a good option for you. The aluminum construction adds to its durable build, while the lighting adds more substance to your gaming setup, providing an immersive gaming experience.

It has RGB lighting at its base and is specifically for gaming headsets. The metallic design at an enhanced height of 278mm enables you to hang your larger headsets effortlessly, and the high-friction rubber base is so sturdy that it keeps it stable from toppling over or falling.

Thus, select from a wide range of color options as per your preference and which headphone stand can improve the aesthetics and will be in perfect sync with your home, office, or studio setup.

Choosing a compatible headphone stand is one of the essential steps to consider when buying headphone stands. This feature determines how these stands can safeguard and hold your headphones. Various options offer universal compatibility that can level up your headphone preservation and display game.

For instance, if your headphone has a rubber build or includes foam, a good option for you can be the Elevation Lab The Anchor Headphone Stand, which has solid metal grade silicone and a steel inner support.

This under-desk headphone stand can be kept out of sight, leaving you enough space on the desk. In addition, the premium European-made 3M adhesive is powerful enough to hold two headphones simultaneously without fuss.

Another good example is the Avantree Neetto Dual Headphones Stand which offers universal compatibility with all types of headphones. Its standing height of 9.8 inches can safeguard and secure the most priced possession.

The solid-metal base and hanger design can handle setting two or more pairs of headphones and expanding the available room on your desk. In addition, it has a heavy base to save from tipping over. You can easily store your pen, cellphone, and fancy gadgets in the spacious tray this headphone stands provide.

So, no matter what style of headphones you may have, these headphone stands are a steal when you wish to free some space and clutter and also free your ear from those long audio listening hours. All you need to do is rest your headphones and forget they are placed on your work table.


I hope now you have an idea about headphone stands and this information has helped you through your quest for your decision to invest in them. In addition, the best headphone stand can keep your workstation clean and preserve your headphones.

Look for a non-slip, strong headphone stand that will protect your headphones and be in the best possible condition. A good headphone stand can be an interesting addition to your decor and enhance your audio experiences. There are good options for USB port-enabled headphone stands and straightforward ones that will change your desk, home, office, or studio setup into a truly organized place. However, the decision will depend on your requirements and what you expect from these stylish add-ons for your headphones.


Yes, poorly constructed headphone stands can develop scratch and damage your headphones. Buy a headphone stand with rubberized covers around where you intend to place your headphones and protect them from physical and aesthetic damage.

Usually, all types of headphones can fit your headphone stand. However, a bigger size headphone stand can extend out your headphones. You should go through the product specifications and other details where you can easily find what size and types of headphones can be placed on them. Consider sturdy dual headphone stands to balance the positioning of headphones of varying sizes.

Most headphone stands are made from plastic or other natural minerals like wood, aluminum, stainless steel, leather, etc.

Wooden headphone stands add a vintage touch to your setup and enhance your decor. While acrylic construction material makes up a more lightweight and more basic design. In addition, bulky headphones would stay stable on a much stronger headphone stand made up of aluminum construction. However, the decision is completely subject to and depends on your choice, preference, and requirement.

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