10 Best Horn Speakers For PA & Audiophiles In 2023

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Horn speakers are mostly used where there is a need for huge amplification of sounds, in places like theaters or events where a large crowd must be given certain instructions. Or horn speakers could be simply used for making some sort of announcement.

If you are unaware of the factors you should consider before purchasing horn speakers, picking the best speaker for yourself will be highly unlikely.

This is where I have tried my best to include most of the information about the best horn speakers and the guide that could help you in selecting one based on your own requirements.

The 10 Best Horn Speakers

Product Dimensions: 9.45 x 5.73 x 8.32 inches.
Special Feature: Radio.

Positive: Provide Loud Sound, Equipped With An Adjustable Bracket, Easy To Install.
Negative: It Is Not Durable.

Pyle PA Horn SpeakerThe Pyle Indoor/Outdoor PA Horn Speaker is designed with versatility in mind. With 8 ohms impedance and 101db output, it is perfect for indoor and outdoor spaces. It amplifies sound up to 500 Hz – 5 kHz for a chest-thumping 65 watts of sound.

The ABS horn includes a 180-degree swiveling adjustable bracket for directional sound control and all necessary mounting brackets and hardware for easier installation. Whether hosting an outdoor music event or an indoor seminar presentation, this is designed to provide versatile sound coverage no matter the space.

Customer Review For Pyle Indoor/Outdoor PA Horn Speaker

Product Dimensions: 11 x 6.8 x 9.4 inches.
Special Feature: Waterproof.

Positive: Waterproof Speaker, Includes White Base, Provides Sensitivity of 120 dB.
Negative: Sound Quality Needs Some Improvement.

Speco Pa Horn SpeakerIf you are looking for a powerful, durable horn speaker, then the Speco Pa Horn Speaker is a great choice. In addition to its 40-watt maximum power rating and 8-ohm impedance, it has an impressive frequency response of 200Hz to 15kHz.

This frequency allows it to produce loud, clear sound with incredible accuracy, perfect for outdoor events that environmental conditions may impact. Furthermore, its white base pivots up to 90 degrees and is fully waterproof, so you can trust it not to let you down no matter what the weather throws at it.

Customer Review For Speco Pa Horn Speaker

Speco Pa Horn Speaker Customer Review

Product Dimensions: 20.29 x 20.73 x 20.73 inches.
Special Feature: Speakers.

Positive: Compact Design, Includes Aluminum Housing Structure, Provides Powered 100 Watt Sound.
Negative: A Bit Expensive.

PyleHome PHSP20 PA Horn SpeakerThe PyleHome PHSP20 PA Horn Speaker is the perfect solution for any sound system, combining comfort, convenience and quality all into one neat package. It offers a powerful 100-watt output with a 16-ohm impedance, giving maximum sound output and clarity. And, with an impressive frequency range of 400Hz to 5KHz, this speaker can reproduce virtually every nuance of your favorite sounds or tunes.

To make installation even more straightforward, it also comes with a mounting bracket and hardware that makes it super quick and easy to mount onto existing structures. The aluminum housing construction provides added durability while remaining lightweight and discreet. All these features make this PA horn speaker an essential part of any sound system setup; the perfect piece for producing quality audio in any setting!

Customer Review For PyleHome PHSP20 PA Horn Speaker

Product Dimensions: 10.24 x 6.34 x 6.26 inches.
Special Feature: Bullhorn Speakers.

Positive: User-friendly Design, Includes Folded Handle, Energy Efficient.
Negative: Not Very Loud.

Croove Megaphone BullhornThe Croove Megaphone Bullhorn is a must-have for anyone who needs their message to be heard loudly over large areas. It boasts 30 watts of sound and coverage of up to 800 yards; its powerful performance ensures no one misses out.

It is suitable for long-distance use. Its lightweight design and foldable handle make it easy to pack away and transport when moving locations quickly. Plus, it has three buttons that give you options for on/off operations, built-in siren noises and even the ability to play your favorite songs.

Customer Review For Croove Megaphone Bullhorn

Product Dimensions: 6.1 x 10.2 x 6.1 inches.
Special Feature: Bullhorn Speakers.

Positive: Siren Alert Mode Is Available, Provides Voice Amplifier Mode, Battery Operated.
Negative: Lock Didn’t Work.

Pyle PMP20 Megaphone SpeakerThe Pyle PMP20 Megaphone Speaker is the ultimate sound amplification device. With an impressive 20 watts of sound capacity, up to 400 yards of sound reach can be achieved. What’s more, it features 32 tackle compartments and 13 removable dividers for bulk storing small items, and a unique flip-top lid for the accessory compartment.

This groundbreaking device is yet amazingly lightweight and has been fitted with a helpful carrying strap for ease of transport – all powered by just 4 C batteries! Beyond simply amplifying your voice into the microphone, this high-performance megaphone also boasts a range of audible sounds, from sirens to alerts.

Customer Review For Pyle PMP20 Megaphone Speaker

Pyle PMP20 Megaphone Speaker Customer Review

Product Dimensions: 21.5 x 14.25 x 13.74 inches.
Special Feature: Speakers.

Positive: Includes Powerful Audio Amplifier, Siren Alarm Mode, ABS or ASA Resin Construction.
Negative: Difficult To Operate.

MyMealivos Heavy Duty MegaphoneThe MyMealivos Heavy Duty Megaphone is a powerful device for amplifying sound, allowing your words and sounds to be heard up to 2500 feet away. With four audio modes, including record, siren, talk, and whistle and an alternative hand-held microphone with a pluggable helix cable, you can amplify speech or beep out alerts easily and instantly.

It even includes built-in SD & USB flash memory card readers. Its 3.5mm Aux-in jack connects any compatible external device and a rechargeable lithium battery to keep it powered when you aren’t in range of a power source.

Customer Review For MyMealivos Heavy Duty Megaphone

Product Dimensions: 11 x 6.5 inches.
Special Feature: Speakers.

Positive: Compact Design, Indoor/Outdoor Suitable, Produce Powerful Sound.
Negative: Stop Working Complaints.

Nippon America Power Horn SpeakerThe Nippon America Power Horn Speaker is the perfect choice for any audiophile looking for powerful sound. A 50W RMS impedance offers a robust and high-fidelity audio experience.

In addition to delivering 100 Watts of pure sound power, its 90° x 20° (2KHz) dispersion ensures balanced sound output, heard from practically every corner of the room. And with an impressive frequency range from 350Hz to 9KHz, it allows you to hear those deep low tones and those higher highs that add emotion to your favorite music.

Customer Review For Nippon America Power Horn Speaker

Product Dimensions: 7 x 6 x 3 inches.
Special Feature: Rust Resistant.

Positive: Heavy Duty Construction, Corrosion-resistant, Includes 200 Watt Siren System.
Negative: Sometimes Doesn’t Sound Loud.

Xprite Compact Siren SpeakerIf you’re looking for a reliable siren system, the Xprite Compact Siren Speaker is an ideal choice. It has an impressive wattage range of 100-200 watts, and the corrosion-resistant aluminum housing with its black finish ensures that this siren system will last for years. It also comes with heavy-duty mounting brackets, so installation is quick and easy, making it an all-in-one solution to your siren needs.

Customer Review For Xprite Compact Siren Speaker

Product Dimensions: 4.5 x 4.5 x 4.17 inches.
Special Feature: Speaker.

Positive: Compact Two & Three Way Systems, Reduce Unwanted Reflections, Highly Efficient.
Negative: Zero Customer Support.

TIMPANO TPT-DH175 HornThe TIMPANO TPT-DH175 Horn is one of the premier 1” phenolic dome compression drivers available today. It provides a balanced and extended frequency response, specifically for compact two- and three-way systems. Not only does its more comprehensive sound dispersion design minimize unwanted reflections, but it also offers exact placement within a standard footprint.

This tweeter is an ideal solution for many applications where a clear and precise audio response is required without burdening the system with unnecessary noise and loss of clarity. No wonder this compression driver has become a popular choice among novice and professional audio engineers.

Customer Review For TIMPANO TPT-DH175 Horn

TIMPANO TPT-DH175 Horn Customer Review

Product Dimensions: 2.8 x 4.8 x 3.1 inches.
Special Feature: Aluminum Horns.

Positive: Includes Neodymium Magnets, Provide Long-lasting Performance, And Sturdy Construction.
Negative: Doesn’t Work Accurately.

DS18 PRO-DKN25 Neodymium HornThe DS18 PRO-DKN25 Neodymium Horn is no ordinary compression driver. It uses Neodymium magnets to ensure maximum power output, with 120W Max and 60W RMS outputs. They also provide a higher magnetic flux density in the air gap for greater clarity and accuracy in sound reproduction.

Additionally, these drivers have been carefully engineered for maximum efficiency, drawing minimal power from your amplifier to ensure long-term performance and reliability.

Customer Review For DS18 PRO-DKN25 Neodymium Horn

DS18 PRO-DKN25 Neodymium Horn Customer Review

What Are Horn Speakers?

Horn speakers are funnel-shaped speakers, which could give an impression by their looks of how a gramophone from the old days might look like.

Horn speakers are different from other types of speakers as they do not disperse sound in different directions but are aimed at the listeners, and they can hear precise details and may not miss out on any specific data.

Horn speakers may have incredible dynamics which could deliver sound at the “sweet spot” of the listeners without much distortion or altering the audio signal.

Horn speakers need an acoustic horn that can produce more sound power when compared with other types of speakers in this category, like cone speakers.

These speakers provide high-pressure sound levels for an improved sound experience that could also enable the sound to reach larger or distant listeners or audiences.

Other names of horn speakers could be a megaphone, bullhorn, speaking-trumpet, or blowhorn. These are generally used for sending warning signals, announcements, etc. 

What Are Horn Speakers Used For?

The horn speaker can improve the connection efficiency between the drivers, air, and the speaker itself because it produces a louder sound with more agility.

Horn speakers are directional speakers, so the sound dispersion is usually reduced to a great extent, enhancing sound listening quality.

Ideally manufactured for outdoor usage, horn speakers could also be used for other reasons that include their application in the following areas as well-

Horn speakers could be helpful in public addressing or PA, as they can help increase the loudness of the human voice, acoustic sound, or other instruments.

They could be valuable for the announcers or instrumentalists in making the crowd or the audience listen to what they are trying to say, which could cover larger areas, and people far away could hear what has been said on the stage.

Horn speakers could amplify sound better through various drivers of different sizes and may provide a natural tone to the audience or the listeners.

They could provide sound clarity at concert venues where the event organizers feel the requirement for a high-volume bass reproduction through subwoofers.

This sound detailing could help the listeners hear the sound and feel it through improved and focused sound clarity offered by horn speakers.

Commercial theaters install horn speakers with the greatest range and large driver speakers at the front to offer low-frequency sound.

Some of them also use isophasic horns. You can refer to it as a horn that makes sure that it generates high-frequency sounds and gets delivered to all the listeners at the same time that are sitting in the audience.

These types of horn speakers offer a dynamic bass for commercial theaters as they help fill a large audience area without needing an added amplifier.

Horn speakers might provide increased sensitivity that could deliver a dynamic sound experience. In addition, they may include sub-woofers that become a game changer for the theater experience of a listener.

Several audiophiles prefer having horn speakers at their homes as they could efficiently be used for audio reproduction. Still, there could be others who might refrain from using horn speakers due to unpleasant echoing and distortion.

Music lovers who prefer low-power amplifiers might choose horn speakers for their high-efficiency perks. 

How Do Horn Speakers Work?

Horn speakers tend to work by using a horn or an extended transmission medium to augment or boost the sound from the audio source to deliver a louder sound. 

Horn speakers have a primary working mechanism like that of a virtual diaphragm has been attached to it.

The bigger the radiating diaphragm, the more air pushed back and forth, and a bigger sound would be presented. 

Horn speakers may have a horn throat, a horn mouth, a compression chamber, and a diaphragm that work together to give loud, clear, and amplified sound.

They also amplify sound by using outgoing sounds and matching their impedance with surrounding sounds. Post that, it is reflected in a narrow area which adds to the pressure created by the sound. For this reason, the sound reaches the listeners in an amplified manner with a higher pressure.

Things to Consider When Looking For Horn Speaker

Before deciding on which horn speaker to choose, it could be essential to consider a few factors that shouldn’t be ignored-

Vocal presence could be considered essential when looking for a horn speaker. For example, it could determine if you have a clear voice or if there is an excessive nuisance or disturbance in the background.

The choice of horn speaker should be made so that the speaker can generate more sound than the sound of the environment. Then only the listeners will be able to listen to the sound coming out of the horn speaker. 

The voice should be clear, and the message should be delivered and understood by the listeners across the area without repeating words.

Thus, a horn speaker that aids in delivering clear and crisp details and is not concealed by disturbing noise could be considered, especially when they are required for public addresses or PA.

It is essential to get your message to the masses, or the people attending your event fail, which could ruin the whole event. Therefore, horn speakers should be carefully selected after considering such prerequisites. 

Other than vocal presence, another factor to consider before buying a horn speaker is the horn frequency response.

It is the measure at which the frequencies are converted of an input signal. The range of frequencies that a component can produce comes under frequency response. 

The ideal horn speakers should naturally offer clear music without audio distortion or screeching sounds. That would include a pleasing and noise-free sound and music. 

Audio devices that may have a premium standard frequency response could reproduce tones at all levels, like low, middle, and high-level tones. 

Thus, horn speakers have the plus point of being super efficient working using low-power amplifiers, which could make them a preferred choice for music fanatics.

Product quality is another important deciding factor when looking for horn speakers. For public addresses, you could look for the ones that can offer superior voice clarity, as giving the message to people is the topmost priority.

For music listeners, the horn speakers should be looked for that could have features for clear and loud sound quality that shouldn’t irritate the listeners. 

While if you are looking to purchase horn speakers to install in the outside environment, then you should make sure that the horn’s outer body can adjust and overcome environmental conditions.

Thus, when looking for horn speakers, consider knowing about the product material used to manufacture them and how durable they might be in the long run. 

Another essential factor to consider while looking for horn speakers is the amount you are willing to pay and if it would be worth the investment.

Although this is really subjective matter and varies from person to person.

Since there are a variety of horn speakers that could range from basic to advanced, you could choose them per your needs.

Moreover. the basic ones could cost comparatively lesser than the advanced and latest horn speakers with more features.

If you have a low budget, you could look for more cost-effective and economic horn speakers told serve your purpose.

Generally, low-budget speakers have a lower watt range. For example, any speaker under $50 will likely have a power of 50 watts or less.

If budget isn’t your concern and you can spend on free will, you might have several premium horn speakers to choose from with the latest technologies and other qualities.

With these sorts of premium speakers, you will have the power of customization in your hands, and you will be able to use them as per your needs.

Benefits Of A Horn Speaker

  • There is less distortion, making these horn speakers sound better and delivering better pattern control.
  • Horn speakers are powerful and can easily improve a speaker’s efficiency.
  • It may require a lesser amount of amplifier power to function 
  • A decent horn speaker could make you feel the presence of an actual live event. 
  • They are also one of the most efficient speakers, and they can easily triple the sound compared to a regular cone speaker.


Horn speakers are pretty efficient. So they would be able to amplify the sound from the source pretty effectively.

Horn speakers have a reputation for being the best option for providing a clear sound experience, and with little research and going through this complete guide, you may be able to identify the most suitable horn speaker for your needs.

If you feel that you would like to know more about something related to horn speakers, then you can comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions/FAQs

Horn speakers are efficient because of their diaphragm’s ability to maintain a stable movement and have control of the oscillation while reproducing loud sound, unlike cone diaphragms. They are efficient and for this reason, are generally used at public addresses or while making important announcements. 

Horn speakers are good for listening to music as they offer a more directional sound listening experience and eliminate the background noise. Thus, the result is our musical bliss that is loud and clear.

The horns of the horn speaker play a major role as they increase the coupling efficiency that is present between the air and the speaker driver. It could develop the desired frequency between a dense diaphragm and not-too-dense air which could result in a superior quality of acoustic power. Thus, you could listen to quality music without being harsh on the ears. 

Horn tweeters are just speakers that are shaped like a horn that gives a powerful sound listening experience even when you’re seated at a distance due to their unique horn-shaped design that retains the direction of the sound. 

Yes, horn speakers are worth it if you want to hear clear, crisp, high-quality sound. In addition, horn speakers can easily amplify the sound they receive from the audio source. As a result, they are a good choice when it comes to PA or events similar to that.

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