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Electronic Drum Pads

Electronic drum pads are a must-have for drumming lovers. They can be a useful addition for drummers and percussionists but their popularity has also amassed among producers.

You can configure them as mini drum kits and experience all instruments without practically having to carry around hefty djembes, tambourines, bongos, and congas.

Thus, you can expand your setup and practice drumming without troubling your neighbors and family. These tools are compact and let you place them without eating too much space. It’s a nightmare to carry around an entire drum kit for a quick 30-minute drumming session.

These electronic drum pads can let you jam with your friends with ease without carrying the load of an entire drum kit. Trigger preset audio samples with a simple strike on the rubber surface of these sample pads and play music tracks with synthesized drum audio.

They can also be used as mini drum-kit for your practice session, all you need is an additional hi-hat pedal and an auxiliary kick. Thus, this acoustic-electronic hybrid setup lets you explore different types of sound.

However, selecting the best electronic drum pad without knowing about the features they entail can ruin your experience. This article lists some of the best electronic drum pads and also includes details and factors to consider if they are the right fit for you as per your needs.

The 8 Best Electronic Drum Pads

Product Dimensions: 2.28 x 11.16 x 15 inches.
Special Features: Velocity Sensitive Keys.

Positive: Provide 200+ Built-in Drums, Wide Connectivity, Feature Blue LED Pad.
Negative: Cheap Power Switches.

Alesis SamplePad ProThe Alesis SamplePad Pro is an electronic percussion pad that can turn any performance into an unforgettable experience. With eight isolated rubber pads, each featuring an Active blue LED, the SamplePad Pro delivers unparalleled expressive capabilities.

But that’s not all – this powerful device also boasts two extra drum pad inputs, a kick pedal, and a Hi-Hat pedal input, making it incredibly versatile. With over 200 built-in drums, cymbals, and percussion sounds, there’s no shortage of options.

Customer Review For Alesis SamplePad Pro

Alesis SamplePad Pro Customer Review

Product Dimensions: 13.63 x 14.38 x 3.75 inches.
Positive: Multi-pad Sampling, Feature 3 Multi-effects Units, Improved Playability.
Negative: A Bit Expensive.

Roland SPD-SX Percussion Sampling PadThe Roland SPD-SX Percussion Sampling Pad provides a new level of precision and creativity to your percussion. With 4 GB of internal memory and nine velocity-sensitive rubber pads, this sampling pad allows for seamless and dynamic playing. Its two external dual-trigger inputs further enhance the capabilities of this advanced instrument.

The many onboard features include three multi-effect units with real-time control knobs and dedicated effect buttons. In addition, you won’t miss a beat with the individual Pad Dynamics indicators that show pad status and audio-level activity during your performance. Plus, the included wave manager software makes importing, assigning, and organizing samples a breeze.

Customer Review For Roland SPD-SX Percussion Sampling Pad

Product Dimensions: 10.25 x 9 x 4.25 inches.
Positive: Offer Easy Control, Easy To Port, Compact Design.
Negative: Very Sensitive.

Roland SPD-1P Percussion Electronic Drum PadThe Roland SPD-1P Percussion Electronic Drum Pad makes it easy to create a professional-sounding drum or percussion line anywhere. It’s compact size and light weight allows you to take it quickly to almost any gig, while its versatility lets you play it with drumsticks, hands, or feet.

It provides 22 onboard sounds, giving you access to various genuine kick drum and percussion sounds right at your fingertips. In addition, you can control and edit your soundscape with four knobs for fast, intuitive sound sculpting on the fly. This digital pad can be floor or tabletop-mounted, thanks to the included mounting adaptor that fits most common mic stands.

Customer Review For Roland SPD-1P Percussion Electronic Drum Pad

Roland SPD-1P Percussion Electronic Drum Pad Customer Review

Product Dimensions: 14.2 x 13.8 x 3.5 inches.
Positive: Feature Built-in Looper, 5 Built-in Effects, Including A-Link Rotary Knob.
Negative: No Customer Service.

Alesis Strike MultipadThe Alesis Strike Multipad features nine velocity-sensitive pads that offer an ultra-intuitive and rapid editing experience. With an intuitive 4.3″ display, you can quickly and easily bring your wildest musical ideas to life. The built-in looper lets you record your performances or external inputs, taking your creativity to new heights.

It boasts 32GB of storage, featuring over 6GB of melodic instruments and content suitable for any genre. With A-LINK rotary knobs and five built-in effects processors, it’s ideal for all-inclusive sound engineering and mixing.

Customer Review For Alesis Strike Multipad

Product Dimensions: 23.5 x 6.75 x 16 inches.
Positive: Provide LED Control Display, Kick Hi-Hat Input, Feature Two Different Systems.
Negative: Not For Beginners.

Pyle Portable Electric Drum PadsThe Pyle Portable Electric Drum Pads are expertly developed to replicate the feel and sound of a complete drum set but at a fraction of the size. In addition, their MIDI controller allows added functionality and compatibility with your favorite computer software.

Whether you prefer to be plugged in or go wireless, this kit covers you with its AC adaptor and battery options. Thanks to the digital drum machine, these drums can pump up the volume and play for a crowd. You can create unique and customizable music with the digital top panel control center, an LCD screen, and many audio controls.

Customer Review For Pyle Portable Electric Drum Pads

Product Dimensions: 27 x 13 x 16 inches.
Positive: Feature Velocity Sensitive Pads, Offer USB/MIDI Connectivity, Compact Design.
Negative: Not Good For MIDI.

Kat Percussion KTMP1 Electronic Drum PadThe Kat Percussion KTMP1 Electronic Drum Pad is perfect for drummers and percussionists. This compact, affordable instrument packs four velocity-sensitive pads and 50 high-quality drum and percussion sounds.

It also includes two additional inputs for a hi-hat controller pedal and bass drum trigger, expanding your range of musical possibilities. In addition, USB/MIDI connectivity lets you easily connect to your computer or other electronic devices.

Customer Review For Kat Percussion KTMP1 Electronic Drum Pad

Package Dimensions: 16.22 x 6.93 x 2.99 inches.
Positive: Feature Built-in Speaker, Waterproof Design, Provide 9-Drum Pads.
Negative: Loosy Wiring.

EKEMOND 9 Drum Practice PadPractice your drumming skills anytime and anywhere with the EKEMOND 9 Drum Practice Pad! This roll-up drum kit contains all the essentials: three toms, two crash cymbals, one hi-hat, a ride cymbal, a snare, and a bass drum.

Not only does it offer seven different timbres, but it also features high-quality stereo speakers and ten volume levels that you can adjust to your liking. With the added convenience of a 3.5mm headphone output and a rechargeable battery lasting up to 10 hours per charge, you’ll have everything you need to hone your skills wherever you go.

Customer Review For EKEMOND 9 Drum Practice Pad

EKEMOND 9 Drum Practice Pad Customer Review

Product Dimensions: 10 x 8 x 2 inches
Positive: Include 16 Thick Fat MPC Pads, Easy To Access, Offer iOS Connectivity.
Negative: Some Software Issues.

AKAI Professional MPD218 Drum PadsThe AKAI Professional MPD218 Drum Pad comes with 16 thick fat MPC pads, triggering drums, melodies, and effects has never been easier. The dedicated controls for three pad banks provide 48 assignable pads, allowing for endless creative possibilities.

Additionally, the 18 fully assignable 360-Degree potentiometers are accessible via three banks for supreme control over your DAW. The MPC note repeat and full-level controls offer immersive, expressive performances that elevate your artistry. In addition, it comes with MPC Beats, a software that provides high-quality features and seamless iOS connectivity.

Customer Review For AKAI Professional MPD218 Drum Pads

Types Of Drum Pads

Electronic drum pads contain several velocity-sensitive pads. They create different sound levels based on the velocity of the hit. There are different types of electronic pads to choose from:

Professional touring drummers favor Sample Pads. They allow playback of sampled percussion sounds or loops. Sample pads are perfect for live settings. They have external outputs with additional pads and triggers for a hybrid drum set.

Percussion Pads are used to enhance or replace acoustic percussion instruments. They come with pre-built sounds. Professionals do not commonly use them due to sonic limitations. They do not allow for sample additions.

MIDI Pads are velocity-sensitive pads played with hands and fingers. They are commonly used by beatmakers and producers in studios. They can send MIDI data to control other instruments like synthesizers or samplers. They are excellent for beat-making without needing to mic up an acoustic drum set.

Factors To Consider Before Buying

To learn drums and test aptitude, simulating all components is necessary. A drum kit should have at least 5 drum pads for snare, 3 toms, a cymbal, and 2 other cymbal pads. The equipment should also have 2 pedals for the bass drum and hi-hat cymbal.

Playing along with your favorite music can be motivating. Smartphones or mp3 devices can be plugged into an electronic drum pad. 1.4″ input is required. Headphones can be connected to a virtual silence kit by third parties.

The sound range in electronic drum pads varies between models. More sounds onboard mean more creative flexibility. Sounds can be assigned on a pad-to-pad basis or changed for all pads. Customization and finetuning are easier with individual pad sound assignments.

Sound quality is an important feature of electric drum pads. Subjectivity plays a role in determining sound quality. Check out provided videos to judge the sound for oneself.

When buying an electric drum pad, seek additional features. Beginner or advanced, it’s worth exploring beyond basic features. Look for built-in metronomes and lesson modes. Consider options to connect equipment and record music.


Electronic drum pads are affordable and can be played almost silently. They are helpful for beginners to learn drum theory and develop coordination. Experienced drummers appreciate the ability to practice quietly and experiment with different sounds and kit arrangements.

Frequently Asked Questions/FAQs

Electronic drum pads cater to beginners and professionals alike. Sample pads are best for drummers to try drumming without buying a bulky acoustic kit. These pads can expand one’s musical capabilities.

Yes, professionals utilize electronic drums. Professionals have been using electronic drums since the early days. Electronic drums are used either as part of a hybrid or fully electronic kit.

With the help of an electronic drum pad, beginners can develop a basic understanding of the drums and start their musical journey. They can provide a low-pressure environment to practice and experiment with different rhythms and techniques.

High-end models have more robust builds and can withstand prolonged use. They offer more user-preset options and tools than low-end models. Low-end models may have signal integrity issues like crosstalk. They may also need to improve their performance.

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