10 Best Marine Speakers In 2023

Listen To Your Favourite Beats While Sailing

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best marine speakers

When sailing on the sea or doing a lake ride, it is good to have high-quality marine speakers that can offer you the most dynamic sound. Marine speakers are specifically designed to be water-resistant so that they remain undamaged by exposure to water. As a result, they can offer clear and crisp sound quality even in wet environments such as boats, docks, or poolsides.

Unlike regular floor-standing speakers, most marine speakers are designed for the outdoors. They are rough enough to bear water, sand, and sunlight. Their portability can make it easier for you to carry them around wherever their fun adventures take them.

10 Best Marine Speakers In 2023

Product Dimensions: 8.58 x 4.29 x 16.41-inches
Special Feature: Bass Boost
Positive: Carbon-injected Plus One cones, Patented UniPivot Tweeter, Dual-level Tweeter Volume Adjustment.
Negative: Doesn’t Fit Well.

JBL GTO629 Premium Speaker

JBL GTO629 has an 8.58 x 4.29 x 16.41-inch dimension and weighs 5.77 pounds. What makes it stand out from the rest is its exclusive 2-inch carbon-injected plus-size cones, which deliver high-quality sound that is fuller. These unique cones are more significant than those found on similar speakers, allowing them to move more air, and producing deeper bass tones with greater accuracy and clarity.

It features patented UniPivot tweeter technology that lets you equalize the sound. Its dual-level tweeter adjustment also helps ensure optimal performance in less-than-ideal conditions. It also features low-impedance, three-ohm speakers for those with smaller gauge wire systems in their vehicles. 

Customer Review For JBL GTO629 Premium Speaker

JBL GTO629 Premium Speaker Customer Review

Product Dimensions: 8.58 x 4.29 x 16.41-inches
Special Feature: Marine Audio Speaker
Positive: IPX5 Rated, Includes RGB Lighting, Voiced Individually.
Negative: Not Easy To Light.

Infinity INF622MLT Marine SpeakersThe Infinity INF622MLT marine speakers are the perfect marine audio solution for excellent sound quality. Measuring 17.6 x 9.41 x 4.84 inches, these speakers can fit in various spaces. With only 4 pounds, you don’t have to worry about them taking up your valuable cargo space on water expeditions.

The balanced dome tweeters provide crystal clear sound and deliver powerful sonic waves. Not only do they provide excellent sound, but they include RGB lighting as well, which will allow you to match them to your mood or decor. What’s more, these speakers are IPX5-rated. Hence, you know that they are designed for the marine environment with protection from water splashing against them from any direction.

Customer Review For Infinity INF622MLT Marine Speakers

Product Dimensions: 1.58 x 7.33 x 7.33 inches
Special Feature: Slim Style
Positive: IPX5 Rated, Includes RGB Lighting, Voiced Individually.
Negative: Not Easy To Light.

Pyle Marine SpeakersThey come in a convenient 1.58 x 7.33 x 7.33 inches package, yet pack a powerful punch with 120-watt RMS and 240-watt max power output, and a frequency response of 60Hz-18khz and 4 ohms impedance. And at just 15.4 ounces, they don’t add extra weight to your boat either!

It has convenience features such as its illuminating blue LED lights that add a fun and exciting dimension to your music. For durability, these speakers are built with a sleek, low profile, slim style design, making them easy to install and requiring minimal space for optimum results.

Customer Review For Pyle Marine Speakers

Product Dimensions: ‎8 x 8 x 3.05 inches
Special Feature: Surrounded System
Positive: Various Sizes Available, High-grade Waterproof Insulation, Easy To Install.
Negative: Not Waterproof.

BOSS Audio SystemsMeasuring 8 x 8 x 3.05 inches with a weight of just 2 pounds, it will take up a little-coveted space on your boat, yacht or dock. This sophisticated marine speaker comes equipped with a dome-shaped tweeter that projects a perfectly balanced sound that will keep you immersed for hours. Their compact size and included grills and magnet covers make them perfect for placing in any smaller room or vehicle without adding too much bulk. Each system is crafted with high-quality material and designed to deliver versatile and powerful audio performance,

Customer Review For BOSS Audio Systems

Product Dimensions: ‎8 x 8 x 3.05 inches
Special Feature: Coaxial Type
Positive: Sleek Design, Easy To Use, Decent Bass.
Negative: Expensive.

JBL MS9520 SpeakersThey have impressive dimensions of 19 x 5 x 13 inches and weigh 7 pounds. Speaker sensitivity increases with its size, which lets you get a thumping sound.

With an astonishing 300-watt peak power and a one-piece polymer basket, these speakers give unparalleled sound quality and clarity. Additionally, it also has rubber seals for optimal durability and environmental protection.

Customer Review For JBL MS9520 Speakers

Product Dimensions: ‎7 x 7 x 4.25 inches
Special Feature: Waterproof
Positive: Crystal Clear Sound, Two-way Design, Mid-woofer Cone.
Negative: Stopped Working.

Skar Audio SK65M Coaxial SpeakersComing in at just 7 x 7 x 4.25 inches and 9.33 pounds, they are highly portable and easy to transport. This coaxial speaker has a premium microfiber composite mineral-filled mid-woofer cone with a butyl surround to deliver crystal-clear audio. With its 2-way coaxial full-range performance system, these speakers offer unbeatable sound and durability that allow them to stand up to whatever adventure you take.

Customer Review For Skar Audio SK65M Coaxial Speakers

Skar Audio SK65M Coaxial Speakers Customer Review

Special Feature: Saltwaterproof
Positive: Includes Four-ohm Voice Coil, Titanium Tweeter, and UV-Resistant Basket.
Negative: LED Lights Don’t Work Properly.

KICKER 45KM84L Coaxial SpeakersThese 8″ coaxial marine speakers provide outstanding audio quality that livens up any boat ride. With their 4-ohm voice coil and 1” titanium tweeter, your sound system can take on more depth and clarity while avoiding distortion, no matter the volume. These speakers utilize an ultra-durable UV-resistant polymer basket that gives you superior sound no matter your environment. That, combined with their locking/sealed terminal cover – which prevents corrosion while still providing excellent sound – makes it a significant investment, no matter your needs. And when backed up by the sealed motor structure, you get long-lasting performance.

Customer Review For KICKER 45KM84L Coaxial Speakers

KICKER 45KM84L Coaxial Speakers customer Review

Product Dimensions: 13.39 x 2.76 x 5.51 inches
Special Feature: Excellent Bass
Positive: 60Hz – 20,000Hz Frequency, Water-Resistant PP Cone, Balanced Dome Tweeter Includes.
Negative: Not Long-lasting.

Kenwood KFC-1653MRW Marine SpeakersWith a 13.39 x 2.76 x 5.51 inches dimension size and 2.2-pound weight, these marine speakers are portable and convenient to use on boats or RVs. The frequency range of 60Hz-20,000Hz ensures crystal precise sound reproduction for every audio type – music or spoken word – across the audible spectrum with 4 ohms impedance providing premium quality audio output. They have a 1″ balanced dome tweeter that provides crisp and clear sound, while their PP cone is designed to resist exposure to water from splashing and spray.

Customer Review For Kenwood KFC-1653MRW Marine Speakers

Kenwood KFC-1653MRW Marine Speakers Customer Review

Product Dimensions: ‎6.87 x 6.5 x 2.12 inches
Special Feature: Compatibility
Positive: IPx5 certified, 40 W Power Handling, Dual Cone Design.
Negative: Very Vibrating.

Sony XSMP1611 Marine SpeakersSony XSMP1611 marine speakers have dimensions of 6.87 x 6.5 x 2.12-inch and 3.08-pound weight, making them easy to transport and store. A 6-1/2″ dual cone speaker provides a crisp, clear sound that will make your next cruise on the water a delightful experience.

Perfect for boats, jet skis, and more, these speakers are designed to hold up in harsh marine environments, featuring UV and saltwater resistance that won’t let you down. Furthermore, the convenient removable grille offers easy access to internal components for customization and maintenance purposes.

Customer Review For Sony XSMP1611 Marine Speakers

Sony XSMP1611 Marine Speakers Customer Review

Product Dimensions: ‎ 24 x 15.5 x 12.5 inches
Special Feature: Radio
Positive: Fully Marinized, Rust Resistant, Polypropylene Mica Injected Cone.
Negative: Poor Quality Construction.

Rockville Pair Tower SpeakersThis two-way high-fidelity speaker system has an 8″ driver powered by 100 Watts, delivering punchy sound. This speaker is waterproof and salt-proof.

Its adjustable nylon mounting brack is reinforced with embedded steel to ensure the speakers don’t get knocked off during active use. Constructed with a polypropylene mica-injected cone and Santoprene surround, these marine speakers provide a crisp and balanced sound quality regardless of the volume level.

Customer Review For Rockville Pair Tower Speakers

Rockville Pair Tower Speakers Customer Review

Factors To Consider Before Buying Marine Speakers

  1. Weatherproof Capabilities

    You should ensure the speaker is waterproof before setting out for a boat trip. Your speaker needs to withstand moisture and wet conditions for extended periods.

  2. Connectivity

    Before buying marine speakers, it’s good to check their compatibility with devices, including smartphones, computers or radios. They could be wired or wireless with Bluetooth. Wired ones may also require waterproof speaker cables

  3. Durability

    It’s essential to ensure they are rough enough to withstand harsh weather conditions. Their material should be rust- and corrosion-resistant, allowing them to last many seasons. A durable marine speaker would enable you to listen to music while sailing over the crashing waves.

  4. Sound Quality

    It will only be a point in carrying a marine speaker if it sounds great. Our list of marine speakers is already curated, and you can easily find the suitable one for your needs. While shortlisting a marine speaker, consider what type of music you’ll be playing, the range of frequencies the speaker can handle, and how powerful it needs to be.

  5. Number Of Drivers

    Most drivers are either coaxial or two-way, triaxial three-way, and dual-cone models. Coaxial speakers have a tweeter placed inside the sub-woofer. They sound great by handling high frequency and are less expensive.


Marine speakers are worth your money if you have plans to upgrade your existing speakers with water-proof ones.

We listed marine speakers after using them personally, and that can allow you to listen to music without compromising the sound quality, even with a water splash. If you would like to suggest any other marine speaker, not on our list, you are free to tell us, and we will try it ourselves and then might feature it here. You can even use power managers to add more speakers to your setup.


Marine speakers are meant to be waterproof. The exterior is designed to go through heavy rain without any water seeping in and survive even being hosed down – making them truly waterproof for all outdoor activities.

Taking the correct measurements of your speaker is essential when installing any audio device. With a ruler or tape measure, you can quickly get the right size in inches. Remember to set your speaker upright, so the wider part of its cone is face-up before taking a measurement. Make sure to record the reading from one edge of the mounting frame to the other, which will give you an accurate indication of whether or not the speaker fits appropriately.

Unlike traditional outdoor speakers, marine speakers can withstand the sun, wind, and water without a box. Not only are marine speakers more efficient and easier to install, but they also eliminate the need for any additional equipment.

While you are on the lake, river, or ocean, 150 watts or more would be suitable for a decent outdoor audio experience. Most people will be fine with 150 watts of power, but if you need something more robust, higher wattage options such as 200 or 250 watts of peak power would be more better.

Yes, why not? You are free to listen to music on marine speakers anywhere you like. They sound great even inside your car.

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