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Shower Speakers

Shower Speakers are your best buddy for listening to your favorite music while enjoying your lather time in the bathtub. Generally, electronics do not work in water. For this very reason, you could invest in a good shower speaker and watch them work together like bourbon and sage cocktails to enjoy your bath. These compact beauties will work even when submerged for several minutes in water.

They are perfect for adjusting on the soap stand or under the shower head. With such ease of convenience, you can listen to your favorite artist and take important phone calls through these shower speakers.

There are many options for shower speakers on the internet due to their rising popularity. You can listen to speakers that have a complete stereo configuration and options for shower speakers made especially for outdoor settings.

However, browsing the internet and zeroing down on the best options for the best shower speakers can be difficult for you. Hence, to help you with the same, I have curated this exclusive list of the best shower speakers so you can choose the best one. I have also included a guide with all the essential factors you should consider before getting the best shower speaker.

You need to know more than just the type of connectivity, range, and type of speakers these shower speakers offer. I have discussed several factors to evaluate when choosing the best shower speaker. Continue reading through the end to find out what you should consider before buying the best shower speaker. 

The Best Shower Speakers

Product Dimensions: 3.2 x 3.2 x 8.75 inches.
Special Feature: Waterproof.

Positive: Covered With Two-tone Fabric, Waterproof, Easy To Port.
Negative: Lack Of Basic Utility.

Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3 SpeakerThe Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3 Speaker is the perfect addition to any summer gathering. It looks great with its shimmering two-tone fabric and can easily withstand extreme applications. With a massive rechargeable battery, the speaker can stay powered for up to 20 hours on a single charge!

Add to that the IP67 water and dustproof rating; you can take your music anywhere knowing it won’t be affected by the elements. With one touch of a button, you can precisely control your favorite streams of music for all-night partying.

Customer Review For Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3 Speaker

Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3 Speaker Customer Review

Product Dimensions: 2.06 x 7.93 x 3.56 inches.
Special Feature: Built-In Microphone, USB Port, Waterproof.

Positive: Includes Built-in Microphone, Features Lithium-ion Battery, Dustproof.
Negative: It Doesn’t Sound Loud.

Bose SoundLink Flex Bluetooth Portable SpeakerThe Bose SoundLink Flex Bluetooth Portable Speaker is ideal for your next outdoor adventure or gathering. It features exclusive technologies and a custom-engineered transducer for deep, clear, and immersive audio no matter where you are.

Its Q technology automatically adjusts to the environment around you to ensure you get optimal sound quality at all times. Additionally, the IP67 waterproof standards and corrosion-resistant construction assure long-lasting durability in any condition. It has a built-in microphone and USB-C charging capability. You can even pair other Bluetooth-enabled devices within a range of 30 feet for up to 12 hours of life per charge.

Customer Review For Bose SoundLink Flex Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Bose SoundLink Flex Bluetooth Portable Speaker Customer Review

Product Dimensions: 5.24 x 1.83 x 5.24 inches.
Special Feature: Waterproof, Stereo-Pairing, Ultra-Portable, Built-In Microphone.

Positive: Space Saver, Provide Voice Control, Lightweight.
Negative: A Bit Expensive.

Bang & Olufsen Beosound A1 SpeakerIf you’re looking for a quality speaker to keep up with your on-the-go lifestyle, look no further than the Bang & Olufsen Beosound A1 Speaker. It is lightweight and wireless, making it perfect for life at home, on the road, or even by the pool! It has a rigid aluminum dome that is dust and water-resistant.

And with the improved battery power lasting up to 18 hours at increased volume and improved battery power, you can enjoy music for longer than ever before. With built-in voice command and Amazon Alexa input, this portable Bluetooth speaker puts all the control in your hands.

Customer Review For Bang & Olufsen Beosound A1 Speaker

Product Dimensions: 5.75 x 5.75 x 4.1 inches.
Special Feature: Showerhead Design.

Positive: Easy To Install, Features Quick Charging, IPX7-rated Waterproof.
Negative: Not Durable.

KOHLER 28238-GKE-CP Showerhead SpeakerThe KOHLER 28238-GKE-CP Showerhead Speaker is an ideal solution to making showers the most enjoyable part of your day. With Bluetooth capabilities and an IPX7 waterproof rating, you can easily listen to your favorite tunes while you shower without worry.

With a removable magnetic speaker, it’s easy to connect and secure your device. Yet, it also allows for removal and on-the-go listening. With up to nine hours of playtime and a quick charging battery, you’ll have no trouble setting the mood for extended showers.

Customer Review For KOHLER 28238-GKE-CP Showerhead Speaker

Product Dimensions: 1.4 x 3.9 x 3.9 inches.
Special Feature: Waterproof, Built-In Microphone, Water Resistant.

Positive: Voice-assistant Compatible, Durable Construction, Multi-functional Button Available.
Negative: Short Battery Life.

Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth SpeakerThe Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker is the perfect all-in-one device for listening pleasure. It is dustproof, waterproof and protected from extreme temperatures, allowing it to travel with you wherever you go.

Powering up this sleek device is a lithium-ion battery that gives up to 6 hours of playback; charge it up with the included Micro-USB cable, and you’re ready to go. Taking phone calls has never been easier either; the speaker has a direct connection, so that you can do that. Its custom-designed transducer and powerful passive radiators provide crisp and balanced sound, whether outdoors or indoors.

Customer Review For Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker

Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker Customer Review

Product Dimensions: 3.54 x 3.54 x 1.2 inches.
Special Feature: Waterproof, Shockproof, Portable handheld size, Suction cup.

Positive: Affordable, Available In Multi-colors, 12-hour Battery Life.
Negative: Sound Quality Could Be Better.

INSMY C12 Shower Bluetooth SpeakerThe INSMY C12 Shower Bluetooth Speaker is the perfect accessory for anyone who loves music and getting wet! This unique technology can be safely immersed up to 1 meter underwater for over 30 minutes, allowing you to listen to your favorite tunes while swimming or showering. A Built-in li-ion 1200mAh rechargeable battery guarantees up to 12 hours of playtime at 70% volume.

Its 5W driver and passive radiators deliver surprisingly loud, clear stereo sound alongside showering noise. Additionally, a built-in mic allows for hands-free calls, so you don’t need to worry about missing important messages! And with its advanced antenna design featuring Bluetooth 5.0, you can enjoy an effortless and more excellent wireless range for a more stable connection.

Customer Review For INSMY C12 Shower Bluetooth Speaker

Product Dimensions: 3.5 x 3.5 x 2.3 inches.
Special Feature: Built-in Microphone.

Positive: Features Built-in Mic, Ergonomic Design, Universal Compatible.
Negative: Not Very Loud.

Soundbot SB510 HD Shower SpeakerThe Soundbot SB510 HD Shower Speaker is an innovative and unique way to enjoy music while in the shower. It provides advanced digital sound, noise/wind reduction technology, and a unique loudspeaker cavity structure to deliver premium acoustic sound wherever you want. The speaker’s ergonomic design and reinforced detachable suction cup make it easy to move around as needed.

It is also water-resistant and splash-proof, making it perfect for indoor or outdoor uses. Additionally, its eco-friendly advanced Bluetooth technology is compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled media player devices. Plus, a built-in mic and dedicated control buttons provide even more convenience for crystal-clear hand’s free talking calls. Finally, any issues do arise during its lifespan. In that case, users can take advantage of its one-year manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind.

Customer Review For Soundbot SB510 HD Shower Speaker

Soundbot SB510 HD Shower Speaker Customer Review

Product Dimensions: 2.17 x 4.33 x 4.3 inches.
Special Feature: Waterproof, Noise Cancelling, Built-In Microphone.

Positive: Offers Noise Cancellation, Durable And Sturdy, Includes Built-in Carabiner.
Negative: Quality Control Is Weak.

JBL Clip 3 Portable SpeakerThe JBL Clip 3 Portable Speaker is a powerful, ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker that redefines audio quality on the go. Despite its small size, this device packs surprisingly big sound delivered through a crystal-clear wireless connection straight from your smartphone or tablet.

The device also features a rechargeable Li-ion battery that provides up to 10 hours of playtime, letting you take your tunes anywhere without worrying about needing to charge. An integrated metal carabiner lets you conveniently clip the speaker onto your clothes, backpack, or belt loop for easy accessibility and portability. Thanks to its durable fabric material and rugged rubber housing, coffee spills and puddle splashes don’t even budge.

Customer Review For JBL Clip 3 Portable Speaker

Product Dimensions: 3.35 x 2.56 x 3.35 inches.
Special Feature: Waterproof.

Positive: Includes Removable Suction Cup, Modern Design, Provide Waterproof Driver.
Negative: It Doesn’t Work Properly.

HAISSKY Bluetooth Shower SpeakersThe HAISSKY Bluetooth Shower Speakers offer the perfect way to listen to your favorite music in the shower. With its impressive waterproof capabilities, you can submerge it up to 3 feet. So there’s no need to worry if water splashes from the shower head. Not only that, but you don’t even have to wait long for it to connect via Bluetooth 4.0; once paired, you’ll receive up to 6 hours of playtime with a fully charged 650mAh battery!

To ensure a secure connection and lasting duration, this speaker can attach itself firmly to most smooth surfaces in the bathroom or anywhere else with its detachable suction cup. In addition, it comes with a 36-month worry-free warranty – so you can enjoy your music without risk or hassle.

Customer Review For HAISSKY Bluetooth Shower Speakers

HAISSKY Bluetooth Shower Speakers Customer Review

Product Dimensions: 3.4 x 3.4 x 2.6 inches.
Special Feature: IPX7 Waterproof Rating.

Positive: Easy To Use, Includes Carabiner, Includes Detachable Suction Cup.
Negative: Not Long-lasting.

iFox Portable Bluetooth Shower SpeakerThe iFox Portable Bluetooth Shower speaker has some remarkable features that make it the perfect companion for any music lover. With its latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, you can control your music without touching your phone. Additionally, the speaker has a great bass response to provide a crisp and clear sound quality.

It can connect to compatible Bluetooth devices in less than 6 seconds, so you don’t have to wait for the music! A bonus is its TWS – Wireless Stereo feature which enables you to connect two iFox speakers to get a truly immersive soundscape. The handy suction cup and carabiner let you easily take the speaker anywhere with 100% waterproof protection. This one speaker isn’t only convenient but also very functional!

Customer Review For iFox Portable Bluetooth Shower Speaker

iFox Portable Bluetooth Shower Speaker Customer Review

What Are Shower Speakers?

Shower Speakers are electronic devices with an IPX rating of 6 or more, designed to withstand water splashes. They are made with silicon rubber that further keeps them devoid of any rust when exposed to water. These speakers comprise a suction cup and buttons for easier control and offer a high sound quality with sufficient protection against water and dust. Thus, you can listen to the radio and podcasts and shuffle your favorite playlist without worrying about the water damaging their functioning.

Why is IP Rating Important When Looking For The Best Shower Speaker?

European Committee for Electro Technical Standardization (IEC 60529) developed the term Ingress Protection Rating or IP. It determines the level of protection the devices offer against the intrusion of solid and liquid objects. It consists of two numbers, the first number symbolizes the protection against solid materials, and the second number signifies the protection level against liquid objects.

It is a set of tests performed on electronic devices to obtain certification. For example, for a shower speaker with an IP rating of IP57, its “5” will indicate that it can be safe from dirt particles and the maximum amount of dust.   The number ‘7’ will ensure you can easily submerge the speaker up to 1 meter in water for about 30 minutes. Moreover, an IP rating without any dirt protection specifics, like IPX7, would indicate protection against liquid, but the dust protection level “X” is unknown.

What To Look For In Best Shower Speakers?

Checking for the waterproofing aspect should be the number one priority for the shower speakers. It is determined by the device’s ability to withstand water contact without damaging its internal components. The speakers you would be using in the shower should not be negatively affected when they come in contact with water. A good example is the Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3, which comes with a splendid waterproofing IP67, and its ability to float on water is an exciting feature to look for. This portable wireless Bluetooth speaker can be completely submerged in water up to 1 meter for about 30 minutes without any issues. What more can you ask for? You can enjoy listening to your favorite artist when showering.

In addition, it offers a 360° immersive sound experience making you listen to your music details from all angles, and their large woofers create deep bass effects, so you feel every beat and tone. What is more interesting about these speakers is their style. It is fitted with two 50mm active drivers that produce a frequency range of 60Hz-20kHZ. They are covered in a two-tone fabric that can easily withstand extremes while performing at their best. So, if you want serious music listening with added durability and immense waterproofing features, Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3 is a great option to add to your daily shower routine. 

When you look for durability, you generally expect your shower speakers to be able to work for years without giving you the headache of frequent repairs and replacements. Durability is the product’s ability to withstand wear and tear and excessive tossing around and falling. As a result, you should also ensure the quality of the material used by the brand so that it can last long, even if used in and around the water, for a longer time.

The Bose SoundLink Flex Bluetooth Portable Speaker stands out in this category with its powder-coated steel grille and silicone exterior. Its toughened exterior can handle sudden mishaps, while the powder-coated steel doesn’t get flaky or falls out. What’s more intriguing is its Position IQ Technology, which adjusts to the orientation and delivers balanced audio tunes no matter how you position your speakers. It also has a built-in microphone to make you attend to important phone calls without missing out on words. 

The Bluetooth range between electronic devices is determined by Bluetooth technology supporting many Bluetooth connection ranges. This range can get affected depending on the material covered, battery conditions, and other environmental obstructions around your speakers, as the normal Bluetooth range varies between 30-33ft. However, you can look for shower speakers with greater Bluetooth ranges rather than constrained ones. For instance, INSMY C12 Shower Bluetooth Speaker has excellent 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity, offering a faster and more stable signal transmission at 2X speed with an incredible range of around 66ft. It can also work as a speakerphone, giving you the added advantage of being more than just a music-listening device. In addition to its ultra-portable practical design, you can listen to clear solid sound through its dual opposing passive radiators that keep the vibrations to a minimum. Thus, you experience pure musical bliss even when surrounded by shower noises.

Shower speakers come with lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. When looking for shower speakers, prefer those offering an extended battery life, so that problem frequent charging doesn’t concern you. A good example is the Bang & Olufsen Beosound A1 Speaker, which offers a massive battery time of 18 hours. Its class-leading battery offers a good amount of playtime, ensuring that while you get tired, Beosound A1 doesn’t.

Another thing I liked about this speaker’s brushed, perforated aluminum shell design with high-grade water-repellent leather makes it a great choice for a more durable shower speaker with longer battery life. Moreover, it comes with the largest bass woofer that provides great dynamics and punchy low ends coming making you listen to your music reaching into a 360-degree direction. Thus, you can hear the clearest audio quality regardless of position.

Portability is one of the main factors when looking for shower speakers. These speakers should be easily carried from one place to another. They often come with lanyards that are small cords with a hook. However, make sure the portability feature does not compromise the audio quality. Suppose you wish to experience incredible sound quality along with being able to carry your speaker wherever you desire. In that case, a good option for you can be the JBL Clip 3 Portable Speaker.

The sound quality of shower speakers should be powerful enough to make you listen to your music above the distracting sound of water. Thus, look for the amount of wattage that will give you an idea about the sound quality offered by shower speakers. For instance, if clearer audio quality is your concern, then a good option for you can be the Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3, which delivers the least amount of audio distortion and no exaggeration. It is equipped with extra size large woofers that can seamlessly create intense bass. Its unique sound processing feature provides authentic audio quality at all volume levels. Spatial 360° ensures you listen to premium sound quality evenly in all directions, thanks to its iconic cylindrical design.

Another good example is the Bang & Olufsen Beosound A1 Speaker. These compact speakers make you experience bass like never before. With a bass capability of 62dB SPL, be ready to listen to exceptional low ends and magnificent dynamics. It also has three microphones added at the top to enhance clarity making it your best friend for catchups and office meetings. Its Alexa Voice Assistant makes you easily manage shuffling playlists and scheduling your day. Moreover, Bluetooth 5.1 technology provides a solid connection by Microsoft Swift Pair and Google Fast Pair.

So connect with devices in a jiffy and be prepared to be blown away by the sound quality of this compact Beosound A1 that is ready to be fitted anywhere.

The design of your bathroom can determine what shower speaker you can fit into it. The shape of the speaker and format stands important in this case. While larger shower speakers can be adjusted on ledges and a compact shelf, speakers with hooks or suctions can be hung or fitted on your shower caddy.

Thus, look for a shower speaker that delivers a 360-degree high-quality sound in all directions along with a user-friendly design, like the HAISSKY Bluetooth Shower Speakers that comes with a detachable suction cup. This adjusts it on ceramics, glass, or any other smooth surface in your bathroom or outdoors. The battery life is pretty impressive, thanks to its 650mAh battery, you do not need to worry about looking for your charger now and then. The quick paring in less than 6 seconds lets you stay ahead in the game and manage to take your phone calls in an eye wink. Its IPX7 certification ensures it’s fully waterproof and submersible up to 3ft deep.


When it comes to listening to music in the shower, shower speakers are a must-have. With high-quality shower speakers, you can either stick them to the wall or hang them using the attached carabiners. Therefore, their water-resistant features allow you to listen to Elton John & Kiki Dee while still soaking in the dripping water. Select a high-quality shower speaker that lets you enjoy your songs at great volumes without worrying about taking your cell phone to the bathroom.


Waterproofing is measured on the Ingress Protection Scale(IP) by measuring the maximum amount of water that can be given on any device before it can make its way to enter through it. The highest waterproofing rating is IP67 which gives protection upto 1meter while fully submerged in water for 30 minutes.

In most cases you should not take it into the salt water, even if they are designed to withstand the severity of ocean saltwater. However, a splash of salty oceanwater will not harm your device, but excessive exposure to them can cause a corrosive effect on your speakers. Remember to dry it off once you remove it from the salt water.

Phones offer water resistance, but they are not completely waterproof. Water can easily enter the phone’s speakers or charging ports and cause permanent damage to it. Having a shower speaker lets you shuffle tracks and make volume modifications and can save you from potentially ruining your phone.

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