8 Best XLR Microphones In 2023

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XLR Microphones

Finding the best XLR microphone can be challenging due to its dominance in the market and variety of uses. XLR microphones are preferred in professional environments.

They produce high-quality recordings and amplify sounds in live performances. USB microphones are popular with podcasters, streamers, and gamers but have limitations.

XLR is more rugged than USB and sends an analog signal over a balanced cable. They come in various styles with XLR output. If you have studio headphones, you might be ready to buy their first XLR microphone for a home studio.

The 8 Best XLR Microphones

Product Dimensions: 9.6 x 9.6 x 2.6 inches.
Connectivity Technology: Wired.

Positive: Cardioid Polar Pattern, Low Mass Diaphragm, High SPL Handling.
Negative: Quality Could Be Better.

Audio-Technica AT2020 XLR MicrophoneThe Audio-Technica AT2020 XLR microphone boasts high SPL handling and a wide dynamic range, ensuring your recordings’ depth and clarity. The custom-engineered low-mass diaphragm extends frequency response and a superior transient response, resulting in crisp, clear recordings every time.

Its unique cardioid polar pattern significantly reduces unwanted music from the sides and rear, guaranteeing that your desired sound source is the show’s star.

Customer Review For Audio-Technica AT2020 XLR Microphone

Product Dimensions: 3.5 x 10 x 5 inches.
Connectivity Technology: XLR.

Positive: Cartridge Design, Feature Silver Ball Grille, Include A Zipper Pouch.
Negative: Little Bit Noisy.

Shure PGA48 Dynamic MicrophoneThe Shure PGA48 Dynamic Microphone is the perfect choice for crystal-clear speech, with its tailored microphone cartridge design to the standard speech frequency range with utmost clarity. Its cardioid polar pattern picks up audio from the source while filtering out any unwanted background noise, making it great for live performances or recordings.

The black metallic finish gives the microphone a sleek, modern look matched by its silver ball grille. An On/Off switch allows for discrete and precise control. At the same time, the included zipper pouch ensures your microphone stays protected while on the go.

Customer Review For Shure PGA48 Dynamic Microphone

Product Dimensions: 10.3 x 4.9 x 3.4 inches.
Connectivity Technology: XLR.

Positive: Include Built-in Pop Filter, Durable Construction, and Break-resistant Adapter.
Negative: Low Pickup.

Shure SM58 Cardioid MicrophoneThe Shure SM58 Cardioid Microphone can isolate vocals and instruments with ease. With its uniform cardioid polar pattern, every note is captured in all its glory. A spherical mesh grille and built-in pop filter keep noise from the mix.

But this microphone isn’t just about sound quality; it’s also built to last. It’s sturdy construction and break-resistant stand adapter are perfect for demanding performances.

Customer Review For Shure SM58 Cardioid Microphone

Shure SM58 Cardioid Microphone Customer Review

Product Dimensions: 7.13 x 2.07 x 2.07 inches.
Connectivity Technology: XLR.

Positive: Easy To Connect, Durable Housing, Built-in Spherical Wind.
Negative: Very Sensitive For Recordings.

Amazon Basics Dynamic Vocal MicrophoneThe Amazon Basics Dynamic Vocal Microphone to your audio recording setup and take your work to the next level. With its cardioid pick-up pattern and built-in spherical wind, it is designed to separate background noise and deliver crystal-clear sound.

It’s also built to last with its durable zinc die-cast housing, matte enamel finish, and sturdy steel mesh head. The included XLR cable makes it easy to connect and use.

Customer Review For Amazon Basics Dynamic Vocal Microphone

Product Dimensions: 4.65 x 6.18 x 8.86 inches.
Connectivity Technology: USB, XLR

Positive: Easy Volume Control, Reduces Background Noise, Stylish Design.
Negative: Stopped Working.

FIFINE Dynamic MicrophoneThe FIFINE Dynamic Microphone directional cardioid pattern ensures that it captures your voice and not the surrounding noise. Its USB and XLR connections make it incredibly versatile; you can easily use it with your PC for podcasting or recording in a professional studio setting. Its tap-to-mute button on the USB mic is much more convenient than pressing a button.

Additionally, the ability to monitor your recordings in real-time and control the headphone volume is a bonus for recording professionals. Lastly, the windscreen with the mic helps reduce harshness in vocals. It dampens the impact of plosives for even better sound quality.

Customer Review For FIFINE Dynamic Microphone

Package Dimensions: 17.13 x 8.11 x 3.58 inches.
Connectivity Technology: XLR.

Positive: Provide High Configuration, Metal Construction, Foldable Design.
Negative: Scratchy Sound.

MAONO PM320S XLR Condenser MicrophoneThe MAONO PM320S XLR Condenser Microphone is a powerful tool for musicians and creators who demand the best. With a large Dia.16mm condenser capsule and a custom-engineered low-mass diaphragm, this microphone offers extended frequency response and superior transient response that captures every detail of your sound.

Its high-SPL handling provides unparalleled versatility, making it ideal for many applications. Additionally, the cardioid pointing reduces surrounding noise pickup for a more immersive recording experience. The arm bracket, made of an aluminum alloy structure, is durable, easily foldable, and portable.

Customer Review For MAONO PM320S XLR Condenser Microphone

MAONO PM320S XLR Condenser Microphone Customer Review

Product Dimensions: 5.91 x 1.77 x 1.77 inches.
Connectivity Technology: XLR.

Positive: Include Low-noise FET preamplifier, Sound Suppression Capabilities, Durable Steel Construction.
Negative: Some Connecting Issues.

TONOR TC20 XLR Condenser MicrophoneThe TONOR TC20 XLR Condenser Microphone is the ultimate upgrade for any recording enthusiast. Its improved mic capsule and low-noise FET preamplifier make for the most explicit recordings with little background noise. With high SPL handling and a wide dynamic range, every sound is captured with stunning precision.

It also boasts an impressive cardioid polar pattern that suppresses off-axis sound, producing a focused audio output. It is crafted from durable steel. It includes a desk clamp with a contact area four times larger than its counterparts, ensuring easy and secure clipping.

Customer Review For TONOR TC20 XLR Condenser Microphone

TONOR TC20 XLR Condenser Microphone Customer Review

Package Dimensions: 17.24 x 8.15 x 3.46 inches.
Connectivity Technology: XLR.

Positive: Durable Arm, Including Double Layer Pop Filter, Sturdy Steel Body.
Negative: Broke After some Time.

UHURU XLR Condenser MicrophoneThe UHURU XLR Condenser Microphone delivers smooth, natural sound quality. This microphone has a 16mm condenser capsule with plated membrane and can capture a wide-ranging frequency response.

Its cardioid pattern design is also adept at canceling noise from your surroundings, ensuring your voice is crystal clear and realistic.

With a pop filter in the package, you can record with even greater clarity and accuracy. The adjustable scissor arm stand is sturdy and durable with its all-steel construction.

Customer Review For UHURU XLR Condenser Microphone

Factors To Consider Before Buying

A quality XLR microphone can make all the difference in a recording, whether you’re a professional musician. There are various factors, from sound quality and durability to price and user reviews, before considering XLR headphones:

Clarify the intended application of the XLR microphone before purchasing. Determine what type of sound source the microphone will be focusing on. Consider if multiple polar patterns or a unidirectional dynamic mic is preferred. Take into account the environment and any background noise. Look beyond build quality and consider compatibility with necessary cables and audio equipment.

Choosing the right microphone depends on where it will be used. A condenser mic is best for a sound-treated studio environment to pick up nuances. Dynamic mics are better for live events and podcasts as they pick up less room noise. If not in a sound-treated environment, condenser mics can pick up the room.

The speaker selected four dynamic microphones and one condenser microphone. The microphones chosen have a wide frequency range. The microphones differ in nuances such as directionality and method of addressing the mic. Dynamic mics on the list have cardioid polar patterns and pick-up sound mainly from the front. The condenser mic has multiple polar patterns, including omnidirectional and figure eight.

Difference Between A Dynamic And Condenser Microphone

Dynamic microphones need no phantom power to produce an output. Condenser microphones require phantom power to make a result. Dynamic microphones can handle louder volumes before distortion becomes problematic.

Dynamic microphones are more suitable for live performances or recording loud instruments. Condenser microphones have higher sensitivity and are ideal for solo studio recordings.


XLR microphones dominate the market and have a wide variety of uses. Musicians have used hundreds of XLR microphones for home studios, gig tours, podcasts, etc. XLR stands for External Line Return and is one of the two most common types of plug connection for microphones alongside USB. The price ratio is a prominent factor in their judgment. The list includes various options ranging from professional-verified mics to budget-friendly alternatives.

Frequently Asked Questions/FAQs

XLR microphones have a wide price range from less than $20 to thousands of dollars. It is recommended to spend only $20 on a mic, if it’s a used professional model. An entry-level model with good sound quality can be found for around $75.

XLR microphones refer to the connector, not the microphone capsule. Many types of microphones can use XLR in an audio chain. Common types of XLR microphones include dynamic, condenser, shotgun, and ribbon mics.

XLR microphones can eliminate noise through various methods. Lowering gain on the audio interface or amplifier can improve sound quality. Using a pop filter or windscreen can also help eliminate noise. Quality shock mounts can secure the mic in place.

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