10 Best Bookshelf Speaker Wall Mounts

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Bookshelf Speaker Wall Mount

Speaker mounts are rotatable and easy-to-install equipment for your bookshelf speakers that support producing a sonic soundstage for your home audio listening experience. These speakers are compact, loud, and perfect for your home entertainment. However, there often comes a situation where you have limited space and you need to adjust them without ruining the aesthetic decor of your room. 

Wall mount equipment can help you install your bookshelf speakers on the walls or the ceiling without ruining the audio quality. They can be attached to the walls while also giving you the power to adjust the direction and angle of the sound as per your liking. 

Thus, selecting from a variety of options available ranges from different styles and finishes can be confusing for you. This compact equipment is a must-have addition to your home audio setup. Thus, by going through this exclusive guide on the best bookshelf speaker wall mounts that highlights details including their installation, feature, and many other essential factors, you can enhance the movie buff and the music lover in you and elevate your complete home entertainment setup.

10 Best Bookshelf Speaker Wall Mounts

Product Dimensions: 12 x 10 x 2.7 inches.
Compatible Devices: Monitors, Speakers.

Positive: Sturdy Construction, Adjustable pan, Supports up to 33 lbs.
Negative: Need 2 People To Install.

VideoSecu Bookshelf Speaker Mounting BracketThe VideoSecu Bookshelf Speaker Mounting Bracket is invaluable to any sound system setup. These speaker mounts come with a pair of side clamps for easy installation and can support the weight of up to 33 lbs at adjustable lengths from 5.3 to 11 inches.

With 10 degrees of tilt adjustment up or down and a 360-degree pan, you can direct the sound exactly where it needs to go. The heavy-duty steel construction also comes with a wall plate cover, so your speaker will have a neat appearance without exposed cabling.

Customer Review For VideoSecu Bookshelf Speaker Mounting Bracket

VideoSecu Bookshelf Speaker Mounting Bracket Customer Review

Product Dimensions: 3.34 x 6.25 x 10.47 inches.
Compatible Devices: Speakers.

Positive: Durable Metal Body, Modern Knob Design, Includes Adjustable Tilt.
Negative: Screws Don’t Work Properly.

WALI Bookshelf Speaker Wall Mounting BracketThe WALI Bookshelf Speaker Wall Mounting Bracket is the perfect choice for the ultimate convenience and contemporary look. With its adjustable tilt up and down of 7.5 degrees and swivel left and right 45 degrees, it lets you customize angles for your speakers to deliver optimal sound quality.

The modern knob design is enhanced with a sleek reinforced black coat for a chic aesthetic. At the same time, its inner metal construction ensures a secure, vibration-free mount to your stud, concrete, or brick/stone wall. You can trust that these mounts are capable of holding up heavy speakers with ease.

Customer Review For WALI Bookshelf Speaker Wall Mounting Bracket

Product Dimensions: 11.1 x 6.61 x 4.02 inches.
Compatible Devices: Speakers, Monitors.

Positive: Provide Adjustable Clamps, Easy To Install, Offer Universal Fit.
Negative: Quality Control is Weak.

Mount-It! Speaker Wall MountsMount-It! Speaker Wall Mounts provide versatile solutions for every kind of speaker. Whether you’re looking to mount a heavy bookshelf, surround sound, or even smaller speakers, these mounting brackets are the perfect solution. Constructed with solid steel and a sleek ABS cover for extra protection, not only do these mounts look great, but they are also reliable.

The base can tilt 7.5 degrees down and has 180 degrees left/right capability to customize your audio setup. The front and side clamps make it easy to install while also pulling your speakers 11 inches away from the wall – a great feature if you’re trying to conserve floor space.

Customer Review For Mount-It! Speaker Wall Mounts

Mount-It! Speaker Wall Mounts Customer Review

Product Dimensions: 6.7 x 4.7 x 2 inches.
Compatible Devices: Speakers.

Positive: Easy To Mount, Rugged Design, Rigid Quality Control.
Negative: Screws Are Very Long.

Monoprice Speaker Wall MountThe Monoprice Speaker Wall Mount is the perfect solution for anyone looking for sturdy and secure wall mounting systems for their speakers. This two-piece unit comes with two brackets that can safely hold up to 22 lbs. each and feature a dependable ball jointed 1/4″x20 threaded screw.

This product is designed with longevity at its core. Monoprice’s rigorous standards of quality control and craftsmanship ensure every piece of equipment carries the legendary satisfaction guarantee of this leading name in audio products. With its reliable build quality, you can enjoy your home theater sound system set up with top performance and sleek style.

Customer Review For Monoprice Speaker Wall Mount

Monoprice Speaker Wall Mount Customer Review

Product Dimensions: 11.5 x 12.5 x 2.8 inches.
Compatible Devices: Speakers.

Positive: Heavy Duty Construction, Easy To Adjust, Swivel Up To 180°.
Negative: Not Suitable For Small Speakers.

B-Tech BT77 Ultragrip Pro Speaker MountThe B-Tech BT77 Ultragrip Pro Speaker Mount is the perfect solution for mounting your bookshelf speakers weighing up to 55Ibs. The adjustable clamp fits speakers ranging from 135mm to 280mm wide, covering all shapes and sizes.

Plus, it has 7° of tilt up or down and 180° of swivel capability, making it easy to get the optimal acoustics and speaker placement for whatever setting you have. This mount has everything necessary for easy installation on even the trickiest surfaces.

Customer Review For B-Tech BT77 Ultragrip Pro Speaker Mount

B-Tech BT77 Ultragrip Pro Speaker Mount Customer Review

Product Dimensions: 3.75 x 15.5 x 10.25 inches.
Compatible Devices: Speakers.

Positive: Durable & Reliable, Solid Steel Construction, 90°-30° Angle Adjustable.
Negative: Poor Quality Control.

Pyle PSTNDW15 Mount Speaker BracketThe Pyle PSTNDW15 Mount Speaker Bracket is the ideal solution for an audio application that demands maximum weight capacity with superior adjustability. This heavy-duty reinforced solid-formed steel construction supports up to 80 lbs. of speaker weight and prevents it from collapsing.

Designed to mount onto flat wall surfaces, it safely holds your speakers without having them touch or vibrate from the wall. Its other features include a 90°-30° angle adjustable bracket and a solid-steel pin to secure your audio system placement. It also boasts 12.5” inches long arm distance from the wall and a 5.25″W X 9.9″H base measurement, making it reliable, robust, and capable in most environments!

Customer Review For Pyle PSTNDW15 Mount Speaker Bracket

Product Dimensions: 31 x 11 x 16 inches.
Compatible Devices: Speakers.

Positive: Tilting Angle Adjustment, Solid-steel Pin, Ergonomic Knob.
Negative: Expensive Than Others.

On Stage SS7322B Wall Mount Speaker BracketThe On Stage SS7322B Wall Mount Speaker Bracket is an invaluable addition to any audio enthusiast’s setup. Featuring a stress-rated steel hex nut and bolt, it delivers exceptional stability with a maximum capacity of up to 80 lbs for mounting prominent speakers onto the wall.

Its ergonomic 2″ knob offers smooth adjustment, enabling horizontal swivel from 30 degrees left and right, as well as a tilt angle from 90-degree to 30-degree grade for cabinets measuring between 22″ and 30″. This user-friendly bracket ensures effortless installation and unparalleled performance with its cutting-edge technology.

Customer Review For On Stage SS7322B Wall Mount Speaker Bracket

On Stage SS7322B Wall Mount Speaker Bracket Customer Review

Product Dimensions: 5.51 x 5.43 x 2.8 inches.
Compatible Devices: Soundbars.

Positive: Tough Metal Construction, Floating Shelves, Anti-slip Strips.
Negative: Not Compatible With All Devices.

notiela Universal Sound Bar Mount Bracketsnotiela Universal Sound Bar Mount Brackets are designed with heavy-duty metal to provide continuous protection for your sound bar. With its 30 lbs weight capacity, this universal mount is suitable for most sound bars and can be mounted on any wall.

In addition, two sticky anti-slip strips are also included in the package to further secure your soundbar from accidentally falling off. With these reliable brackets, you can be sure that your soundbar will stay firmly in place no matter what kind of environment it’s in.

Customer Review For notiela Universal Sound Bar Mount Brackets

Product Dimensions: 7.72 x 5.59 x 5.12 inches.
Compatible Devices: Speakers.

Positive: Sturdy & Durable, Reduces Clutter, Space Saver.
Negative: Doesn’t Fit Well.

Sanus Outlet ShelfThe Sanus Outlet Shelf is the perfect way to save space and reduce clutter around your home. This shelf can hold up to 10 lbs and easily contain any electronic device near a power outlet. Its integrated cable management feature allows cables to be discreetly routed and concealed without worrying about them getting in the way or creating an eyesore.

The installation process is intuitive and easy as well. It only requires one screw and a screwdriver – ensuring an effortless experience that will have you enjoying your new space-saving shelf in no time!

Customer Review For Sanus Outlet Shelf

Product Dimensions: 1.69 x 4.05 x 8.58 inches
Compatible Devices: Speaker.

Positive: Offers Multiple Adjustments, Durable, Easy To Install.
Negative: Quality Is Not Good.

WALI Center Channel Speaker Wall MountThe WALI Center Channel Speaker Wall Mount makes it easy to upgrade your home theater experience. Its convenient design lets you mount it on any wall, and its arms extend 7″ to 11.5″ for plentiful adjustable options. Its reinforced black coating is aesthetically pleasing and provides a layer of protection for the speakers.

Anyone can install these speaker holders with ease. In minutes, you’ll have them secured to either stud, concrete, or brick/stone walls! Enjoy surround sound quality from the comfort of your own home with this groundbreaking product.

Customer Review For WALI Center Channel Speaker Wall Mount

WALI Center Channel Speaker Wall Mount Customer Review

Things To Consider When Looking For Bookshelf Speaker Wall Mount

Installing wall mounts is a true game-changer. A wrongly placed wall mount will ruin your speaker and spoil all of your audio listening experience. Thus, look for a wall mount option that will be easier to install like the WALI Center Channel Speaker Wall Mount, which is meant for larger bookshelf speakers and can hold up to 55 lbs. The mount can tilt 7° up or down and pivot up 180° which can allow it to offer impressive acoustics and ideal speaker positioning.  Enhance the overall aesthetics of your place as these wall mounts come with stunning-looking wall covers that give a more professional touch to the overall setup. 

Another good option for you is the Sanus Outlet Shelf wall mounts that can effortlessly let you place your speaker reducing the amount of clutter to a great extent. It comes with an integrated cable management feature that lets you connect your speakers in a discreet manner and keeps the power cords hidden which can enhance the aesthetics of the room wherever you install them. All you need is a screw and a screwdriver to install these wall mounts with no requirement for an additional accessory.

One of the major factors to consider is the size of the speaker you intend on mounting on these wall mounts. They come in different capacity conducting ranges like the B-Tech BT77 Ultragrip Pro Speaker Mount that can Swivel up to 180 degrees and can easily position speakers upto 55lbs 

The wall mount features are worth giving enough attention to when you are looking for the best bookshelf speaker mounts as you install your most-priced possession on them. The bookshelf speaker sizes play an efficient role where you expect the mounts to be sturdy enough to handle their weight. A fragile sub-standard mount will ruin your speakers and can also topple them down when you attempt to re-adjust it. I personally like the eye-catching features of Mount-It! Speaker Wall Mounts including padded clamps can keep your speakers secure and safe from any damage that can happen during their installation or sudden impacts. Safely elevate your speakers to enhance your music listening experience, thanks to their swivel at 180° and 7.5° tilt features that let you adjust your speakers to get that perfect sound balance. These mounts can handle up to 55lbs of speaker sizes, thus, your bookshelf speakers can be well adjusted on them keeping you free from any worry of them falling down while making optimum adjustments for your sound setting environment.

The placement of speakers directly affects the sound quality. Wall mount should be done keeping in mind the sweet spot best for your listening experience. While some speaker mounts are designed for installation on concrete walls and dry walls, there are others that are meant for placement on the ceiling or are perfect for wall placement. 

Pyle PSTNDW15 Mount Speaker Bracket can be a good option for you. It can safely hang the speakers on a flat wall surface with enough sturdiness to handle up to 80 lbs. Meant for a safer placement for your speakers, thanks to its heavy-duty reinforced solid-formed steel pin that provides a permanent solution for all your placement concerns while keeping them in position. One plus point is that you can permanently install them on your walls and are perfect for versatile environment settings. Once you are done installing these wall mounts, you can easily angle, rotate, or tilt your speakers as per your preference. 

A faulty speaker placement can ruin your audio listening experience. However, these speaker brackets are a godsend option for you. Hang your speakers onto them and create a more acoustic sound environment. With their 30-inch speaker cabinet depth giving a  12.5 inches arm extension from the flat wall and an easy tilt angle adjustment of 90-30 degrees, you can easily install them in your studio, or office, or use them for other audio applications.

There are various options for speaker mounts at different price ranges. Their price depends on how and what materials have been used in their construction and what level of safety they can provide to your bookshelf speakers while keeping them secure from any damage. A sturdy body and a durable construction material like heavy-duty steel can provide more reliability and are lightweight while offering high quality, strength, and safety. While metal adds more durability and is strong enough to handle heavier speakers. ABS opaque thermoplastic material on the other hand gives optimal balance and surface hardness while withstanding high temperatures. 

For instance, the VideoSecu Bookshelf Speaker Mounting Bracket available under the price range of $29.99, comes with a heavy-duty steel construction and a wall plate cover that can provide you sturdy support for your speakers. They can easily accommodate speakers up to 33 lbs without any mounting holes. However, you may require two people to install these wall mounts in your setting. 

Another good example falling under $34.99 is the WALI Bookshelf Speaker Wall Mounting Bracket which has a durable metal body that can withstand speaker weights up to 55lbs. You can install them on a concrete, wood, or brick wall surface. Their non-marking and non-slip isolation pad design can securely hold your bookshelf speakers without spoiling their build quality. However, you can face some issues with their screw fitting.

Handling up to a weight capacity of 80 lbs, the On Stage SS7322B Wall Mount Speaker Bracket can be a good option for you under $81.95. They offer precise sound direction so you can experience the best audio quality from your bookshelf speakers. Adjust your speakers straight ahead or downward angle with its hinged support arm angle that swivels at 30 degrees from side to side. The heavy-duty construction makes sure that your speakers are safely mounted on them with proper balance and reliable placement. Their durable black finish keeps your speakers safe from scratches and also adds to the overall aesthetics of your decor. 

Thus, bookshelf speaker wall mounts save much of your space and also improve the look of your room and reduce clutter. However, look for their design quality and build material when deciding on which one to buy as they can offer different features and safety levels.

How To Wall Mount Bookshelf Speakers

Wall mount bookshelf speakers can save your space and improve the overall look of your audio listening setup. Follow the steps below to successfully mount your bookshelf speakers on the wall-

  • Gather all the equipment needed including a driller, screwdriver, and mounting hardware for bookshelf speakers.
  • Choose a suitable wall to support the weight of the bookshelf speakers.
  • Determine the appropriate placement for your speakers.
  • Mark the spot to install the wall mount and attach them through screws.
  • Attach your speakers after you have securely placed the speaker wall mount and re-adjust as per needed for the best sound quality.
  • Do a trial and error method to adjust the positioning of your bookshelf speakers to ensure optimum sound quality and placement. 
  • Experiment with different heights and angles to get to the perfect sweet spot for your audio listening experience.


Mount your bookshelf speakers today and keep them intact in one spot. These speakers come with multiple input connectors allowing you to connect with a wide range of audio sources. Connect your Tv, Laptop, home theater, or those classic turntables,  and experience an immersive audio listening experience in the comfort of your room without eating much of your space and leaving enough space on the ground to adjust additional tools and devices.

Frequently Asked Questions/FAQs

Bookshelf speakers should be mounted keeping the listening axis or its reference point at an approximate level or slightly above your ears. For three-way designs, consider your ears between the midrange and tweeter, for a two-way design you should consider them between the tweeter and woofer when mounting bookshelf speakers.

Place both bookshelf speakers at an equal distance from the side walls while keeping a distance of 2 to 3 feet from the rear wall. This creates a “sweet spot” in your room where you can listen to the most balanced sound quality.

Yes, the wall mount technique is good for center channel speakers as they are responsible for 60-70% of the significant audio and dialogue deliverance. Placing them inside the cabinet can create excessive shelving in its front that can negatively impact the sound making the audio bounce off and produce reflections creating a muddy sound quality.

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