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How To Connect Airpods To Chromebook

In all the hassle of work or enjoying a movie on your Chromebook. You would want smooth connectivity that may not cause any hindrance while you are working on the Chromebook.

Airpods can be connected by using the Bluetooth connectivity feature and these are designed to connect with compatible devices, they are different from like any other device.

Whereas, Chromebooks are also a new generation computer systems that are built on the Android platform operating system. These are also compatible with a few available devices.

You may find it easy to connect your airpods with the Chromebook with a few simple steps. Here, in this article, we have discussed connecting airpods to Chromebooks.

Further, you might experience a hassle-free smooth connection among your devices. Following this, it could also enhance your productivity while you keep these in use.

Steps To Connect AirPods With Chromebook

For connecting your AirPods to your Chromebook. You may need to find the Bluetooth option to turn it on for further steps.

On your Chromebook screen, bottom right, you may find a quick setting panel with the highlighted calendar and battery percentage along with the network symbol.

You may want to click on the highlighted panel. Further, a pop-up to the quick setting would appear. Additionally, you could locate the Bluetooth icon on the panel.

Switch on the Bluetooth icon from the panel, and it will get highlighted in your system theme color. This could make you identify that your Chromebook is ready to connect with an external device.

As soon as you turn on the Bluetooth on your Chromebook, you may see a window on your screen. This is because the system immediately started searching for the available devices.

After enabling Bluetooth on your Chromebook, you may bring your AirPods in the range of your Chromebook so that they can be connected easily.

You may get the Airpods nearby to your Chromebook. This could let your system search for the Airpods around your Chromebook.

By this, you will see the name of your Airpods on your system. This may indicate that your Airpods are also ready to connect with the Chromebook.

While connecting, if your Airpods do not appear automatically on your Chromebook, you must press the button at the back of the Airpods case.

This would allow your Airpods to connect to the system and may also blink the green light indicating the connection among your devices has been established.

After pressing the button on the Airpods, you may observe the name of your Airpods on your Chromebook screen.

Select your Airpods on the system. This could further help you connect your Airpods with the Chromebook through your devices.

When your Chromebook and AirPods are connected with Bluetooth. A pop-up on the screen would appear on the bottom right like a notification.

You will see a rectangle bar appear that says, “Bluetooth device with your name has been paired and is available to all users. You may remove this pairing using settings.”

Remove Pairing Between Chromebooks And Airpods

After completing your work or chores of your day, the Airpods need to be recharged. Then you may want to discount the Bluetooth connection and remove the pairing among your devices.

You could reverse the connecting process and may turn the Bluetooth off from the lower right of your Chromebook screen.

Hence, this would automatically disconnect the Bluetooth, and the connection between your devices would be closed.

You may also turn the connection between your Chromebook and AirPods by pressing the button at the back of your AirPods Case.

This may turn off your AirPods and make you lose your Chromebook connection. You may have to manually turn off the Bluetooth by operating your Chromebook to turn this off.

Suppose you are in a hurry and don’t have much time to follow as many steps. You may also close the screen of your Chromebook. This could disconnect all the external devices connected to the Chromebook.

Why Airpods Won't Connect To Chromebook?

In several instances, there could be technical glitches where you may experience difficulty when your AirPods keep disconnecting.

At that time, you need to check out the points before connecting your devices. There is a high chance that if you cannot connect AirPods with Chromebook following the steps mentioned above, going through these points would enable you to connect your AirPods with Chromebook easily.

  • Make sure your Chromebook and Airpods are fully charged and are ready to be connected.
  • Check the pending software updates for your Chromebooks; this may hinder your Bluetooth connections.
  • Also, check the firmware update for your Airpods; this could be the reason for the false connections.
  • While connecting, check the media setting enabled on your Chromebook by visiting the setting tab from the Quick settings panel bottom right of the screen.
  • You could also check the output settings of your devices before trying to connect with any external or wireless services such as Bluetooth.

What May Result In Using Airpods With Chromebooks?

Airpods and Chromebooks, as these naturally are incompatible devices each other. But these may work with the help of wireless this party application Bluetooth.

With your Chromebook, if you also use a keyboard and mouse wirelessly, then you may experience a lag in your music experience such as audio control, connection problems, etc.

The manufacturers of Chromebooks i.e. Google claim that they would also improve the Bluetooth on their devices which could provide an enhanced experience across devices.

What Is Chromebook?

Chromebooks are the latest generation computer system designed by the tech giant Google LLC.

It runs on the Chrome operating System, i.e., identical to android software, and is different from Microsoft Windows and Linux.

This also consists of cloud storage connected with your Google mail Id. That provides multiple layers of security.

The multi-layer security with the help of your Google key feature and multiple authentication techniques. It could provide you with enhanced security that may fulfill your daily needs.

Chromebooks are also called clamshell laptops as they may be budget friendly for you and has several differences from traditional laptops.

These are lightweight and feature-loaded Operating systems running laptops. As a result, it could be fast and easy to operate compared to other traditional laptops from Windows and iMac.

Along with the features as pros, there are cons for the same. For example, Chromebooks have minimal storage and may not be helpful for video editing or photoshop.

Apart from the software restrictions, this may also affect your gaming experience due to its minimal RAM and local storage.

What Are Airpods?

Airpods are a pair of earpieces developed by Apple Inc. that are fitted snugly in the Airpods Case for charging and using them throughout the day.

They are also known as Bluetooth earbuds that may help you provide a seamless experience using the same.

Airpods could work without hassle with the compatible device and help listen to audio played on the connected devices.

These may also help you respond to your messages and know more about reminders. Due to its noise cancellation feature, you may also experience an unaffected listening experience in noisy environments while in a conversation.

As per the manufacturers, Airpods are the package that may provide the wireless headphone experience through its usage.

You may also connect with your device ecosystem, such as iPhone, Watch, iPad, iMac, etc. This may improve your experience across devices you may use throughout the day. 

On the other hand, you need to be careful while using AirPods as there are many instances where you could quickly lose AirPods or AirPods cases.

Finding AirPods or the AirPods case could be a challenging task sometimes.


Connecting your devices may be an essential step for starting your work chores. In addition, this could provide you with an exceptional experience through its usage.

This may also help you get real-time updates on the notification about your electronic mail, calls, messages, etc. You could address your loved one in between work with the help of this connected experience.

Following the methods mentioned above for connecting your Chromebook with your Airpods may provide you with support for connecting and disconnecting your devices together.

It could also save you time from the confusion and hassle you may experience without prior tech knowledge.

This enhanced experience may help you concentrate on your work or daily chores. It may enhance your productivity throughout the day.

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