How To Find My AirPods Case

Simple And Easy Methods To Find AirPods

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How To Find My Airpods Case

AirPods are one of the essential accessories that you may have used with your iPhone and Mac. Airpods come with an AirPod case so that when you are not using them, you can keep AirPods in the case, and at the same time, your AirPods get charged.

So losing your AirPods Case can really prove to be a great inconvenience, especially when you have to attend your meetings and listen to your daily dose of songs on them and your AirPods do not have enough charging in them.

As a result, finding your lost AirPods case becomes essential so that your work on your apple environment is not hindered, and you can go about the same without any hassle. For this very reason, we have listed a series of steps to help you find the AirPods case.

What Is Aipods Case?

Airpods Case is the plastic case used for storing the Airpods. It could be an effective way to prevent your Airpods from getting several cosmetic damages.

These contain empty spaces where both the Air pods would snugly fit in the case. In addition, Airpods Case also consists of charging ports, which could help you with a smooth and hassle-free charging experience.

These cases may also protect your Airpods from dirt and bacteria that could have further affected your in-ear listening experience.

Airpods, along with the case, could be connected to a compatible phone or a Chromebook with the help of Bluetooth connectivity. This could provide a seamless user experience while using the Airpods.

While using Airpods at work or doing your daily chores, you can’t find your Airpods Case around you. This could have gotten disconnected from the Bluetooth-connected ecosystem.

How Could You Find Your Airpods Case With Airpods?

Before you go through these steps and procedures, let me mention that the chances of finding your AirPods case will depend on where you lost them. Did you lose your AirPods at home, or did you lose them while you were sleeping with AirPods while traveling on public transport?

If you lost them at home, then you can easily find them. On the other hand, if you lose them in public, there are fewer chances of finding the AirPods unless you have used AirTags on them.

Listed below are some pointers that could help you find your AirPods. You can try the first one. If that works, then you are all set and good to go. Else you can try the following pointer to that.

If you use Airpods daily, your AirPods Case and Airpods should be connected to your device. Your device would have an application called Find My, where all your external devices connected via Bluetooth are listed.

Following this, you jump into this application and can find the list of the devices you have connected to since you registered to your device.

Find your AirPods in the list and tap. This also depends on the scenario, is your Airpods case open or closed?

Suppose your AirPods case is open with the Airpods fitted in them. Your device will connect your Airpods if you are in the range of connectivity and your Bluetooth feature is on.

Otherwise, if your Airpods are closed with the Airpods in them, you could find it challenging to find them.

Further, you may try to find your Airpods from your device. All you need to do is to tap on the device name listed on the Find My devices.

You would be redirected to the directions feature in the map showing the image identical to your Airpods, where it disconnected from your device.

This would not give you the exact location of your device, but you may get the locality/region where your Airpods lost touch with you.

Further, you could immediately run to the location to find your Airpods Case before it gets picked up by some strangers.

Otherwise, if your Airpods got connected to the other devices, you might find it next to impossible to find or locate your lost Airpods as your device might lose the connection with the Airpods.

After reaching the location, you could play emergency sounds from your device that could blink green lights on your Airpods.

Further, you may reach the buzzing sound emitting from your Airpods. This could be easier for you to find your companion.

For instance, if you are at home and lost the Airpods Case at your place. You may find them quickly, as you can follow these same steps.

At your place, you may find your lost Airpods Case easily and get connected with your device, as it would be in the range of your device’s Bluetooth connections.

Playing sound would be more useful at your place. Locating on a map might show you your location. This could also make you remember the chores you were involved in at home.

How Could You Find Your Airpods Case Without The Airpods?

If you own an Airpods, you would also be a user of a compatible phone as these could provide you with an unbreakable experience without connectivity issues.

Airpods Case is often the only one you might lose while using any Airpods from the pair. You may not be able to find your Airpods case with one of the Airpods fitted in.

You might find it challenging to find your Airpods Case if you were wearing your Airpods and lost Airpods Case.

To find the Airpods Case, you need to remember the series of events you were involved in while using your Airpods. This could help you find your Airpods Case easily.

Other Ways To Find Your Airpods Case

If you can’t find your lost Airpods Case by tracking features available on your device, you may consider using other methods for getting your lost Airpods Case.

Go to your Find my Application and tap on devices. Further, you can find the list of devices connected to your registered device since your allowed these external connections.

Further, search down your lost Airpods device accompanied by your name and model would be mentioned in the list of devices.

Following this, tap on the device, and you may be redirected to the device manager. Where you may mark and activate your Airpods as Lost.

As your Airpods Case is connected and registered with your device, you may get notified whenever your device gets into the range of your Airpods.

This would also depend on how much your Airpods charged when it got disconnected. As your Airpods case would also work as a power bank for your Airpods, your case may need to be set for smooth functioning and connectivity.

If the battery of your Airpods and Airpods Case are drained, it could be challenging to find any of the two.

Suppose you couldn’t find your Airpods case and had tried every way for searching your missing AirPods. Then you may consider checking out the replacement of your Airpods case.

There would be no other way to find your Airpods, search for them yourself, or get a replacement.

Further, you may consider getting a similar model of the Airpods case that you lost, Either you could also try on the third-party Airpods cases.

Third-party cases would also be checked for fitting your Airpods properly. Otherwise, it could further affect the battery usage and charging of your Airpods.

As a result, you may experience difficulty using the Airpods in your daily chores like earlier with your original Airpods.

Apart from this, you may also contact the service provider of your Airpods to get a replacement if it got missing since it’s within the product warranty.

When you lose your Airpods, there could be at times you lose them from the place you last used them. Then you may trace your steps throughout the day.

The time to recall when you last saw you used your Airpods. You may think about the last time your Airpods were with you.

Along with the chores of the day in which you were involved, you may trace the locations in your place or to the locations you moved out, such as your workplace, gym, or in your undressed outfits, etc.

Apart from these, you may also trace through the devices you last connected your AirPods, such as your laptop, mobile phone, etc. These could also be one of the easiest ways to locate your lost AirPods.

After retracing your steps, you may connect with the ones you move out of your place daily, your family, or your loved ones.

Who might have borrowed your Airpods for their needs, and you forgot about this while you were involved in your chores? This could help you eventually get back your lost AirPods.

I sincerely hope that you might have found your lost AirPods and the case. If not, the last option you are left with is to get a new one.

You may choose from several colors and prices by getting a new Airpods case from the internet. This could also help you compare the costs, and you may purchase the compatible Airpods cases by choosing from the identical models you require.

You may also consider contacting the retail stores of Airpods cases to purchase a one-to-one with the seller. This may help you get a compatible Airpods case for your device.

Purchasing from a seller may help you negotiate the prices of the Airpods cases. This could also be light for your pocket and may maintain your expenses.

This could also help you test the Airpods that fit snugly in the Airpods Case. Along with this, you may experience a hassle-free experience as you had earlier with your lost Airpods Case.


If you are a regular music listener or you are involved in using your in-ear Airpods regularly throughout the day. Like, you find it difficult to do other things without listening to anything.

Losing Airpods case could be a sense of losing a companion. This could affect your mental health and may also act as a toll on your concentration throughout the day while you try to get involved through the chores.

By following the steps and other ways, you may find your lost Airpods cases and could fulfill the void caused by the same.

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